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Creating a Sensory Experience Through Art

The Embrace by Marney-Rose Edge
The Embrace by Marney-Rose Edge

Fill your senses with Spring! Two artists share how their sensory experience of their subjects, flora and fauna, becomes part of their work, both in process and in the completed piece.

Thank you to Marney-Rose Edge and Melody Unger for speaking so beautifully on this subject.

Florishing Flowers with Marney-Rose Edge...Read more

How to Paint a Blossom with Marney-Rose Edge

The Embrace by Marney-Rose Edge
The Embrace by Marney-Rose Edge

Marney-Rose Edge's watercolour florals capture the delicacy of the blooms and juxtapose them with dramatic backgrounds. The results are stunning works filled with light, colour, and the beauty of nature....Read more

Ideas for Decorative Papers

Ideas for Decorative Papers

Our expanded selection decorative papers is offering inspiration this spring! In addition Japanese Chiyogami and tissue papers . Their beautiful and delicate patterns, interesting textures, and wide variety of colours offer you a plethora of creative possibilities, whether you're making paper art or using it for embellishing your work.

Chiyogami, also known as Yuzen, is a Japanese screen printed washi paper filled with delicate patterns. The diminutive scale of the designs lend themselves to small scale applications, such as the paper dolls and small boxes that it has traditionally been used to make....Read more

Faber-Castell Week at Opus Art Supplies

Working Studio: Staying organized with BC artist, Amy Stewart

Make Room For More

Amy Stewart in her studio

Amy Stewart paints in her studio.

More space, more art, more life!
We visited the studio of artist Amy Stewart for an inspiring look at how a clean, organized studio space influences her art practice....Read more

Liquitex Workshops with Tony Zatzick

Join us for a hands-on demonstration with Liquitex artist Tony Zatzick and explore
Liquitex Gouache and Liquitex Soft
Body Acrylics.

Discover the working properties of Liquitex Professional Acrylic Gouache and Liquitex Professional Soft Body Acrylic, exploring their differences, similarities, and intermixability....Read more

Looking for a Career in the Arts? Join the Opus Team!

Are you interested in working for a creative and unique company?
Do you want to work alongside really good people who enjoy their jobs?
Is a positive and rewarding work environment something that matters to you?
If so, consider joining our team at Opus!

From Einbeck to Opus: Bringing Hahnemühle's Papers Home

From Einbeck to Opus:

Bringing Hahnemühle's Papers Home

By Brian White, Director of Sales & Marketing

Browse our NEW Hahnemühle Products

In January of 2018, I had the privilege of travelling to Germany to attend the annual Paperworld Trade Fair in Frankfurt. Similar to past trips I have taken with Opus’ owner, David van Berckel, it was very fast-paced and highly educational, with moments in the evenings to take in museums, galleries, architecture and historical points of interest....Read more

Introduction to Resin Pouring

Resin is a strong, glasslike coating that can be used as a top coat, art medium, as an accent in your artwork, and more. The crystal-clear finish is self-levelling, dries smooth, and makes colours appear vibrant. Let’s explore some of the ways you can incorporate this hot art trend into your practice.

 ...Read more

Any Way You Slice It

Slicing, dicing, crafting, or carving: no matter what sort of cutting you are doing, a sharp, precision knife will help you achieve crisp, clean lines in your cuts! ...Read more