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What is CAPTCHA?

The web is full of spam generating robots and nasties which like to take over the info highway. Bandits of the web, if unsupervised, they may run amok, flooding useful sites with useless chatter. CAPTCHA is a way to "capture" real people like you and I who simply want to leave a comment or ask a question.

How does it work?

CAPTCHA offers you a question that a web robot nasty can't answer. Generally, CAPTCHA tests require you perform a task that a web robot could not.

We use a service called RECAPTCHA. RECAPTCHA presents a pair of words in a scrambled image format that *hopefully* spam bots cannot "read." When you accurately type both words into the field below, our site knows that you are probably human.

How do I do it?

Every time you are about to submit Art News, a comment, or any other form-based piece of content, you will be presented with a red RECAPTCHA box. In the box will be two scrambly jumbly words. Simply type both words, separated by a space, into the box, then complete your comment or art-news submission by hitting "submit".

If the words are too scrambly to see, there is a small button inside the re-captcha box that looks like two arrows chasing each other. Click this to give you a new pair of words.

Or you can click the speaker button in the same area to hear an audio recording of the words.