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Make It Comes to Vancouver

Make It is a retail show devoted to creating positive opportunities for artists, crafters and designers. On the flip side, Make It is a shopping event that gives conscious Vancouverites the opportunity to buy unique, ethically made goods from top artisans from all over Western Canada. The vibe at the show is funky, hip and urban’Ķvery different from you traditional granny craft show! Music is spun by top local DJs and there will be drinks and tasty treats to be enjoyed. Make It is about appreciating creativity, supporting entrepreneurs, and giving mindful shoppers an alternative to the mall. Over 55 exhibitors will be selling anything from art, clothing, home décor and accessories....Read more

Edgy Art

The Federation Of Canadian Artists announces the 7th Annual Painting on the Edge open international juried exhibition. This is a juried competition open to all living artists worldwide, featuring original paintings, prints and drawing media. Abstract, expressive, impressionist or realist styles are all welcome.

The name, Painting on the Edge is partly derived from the physical location of Vancouver, the West Coast edge of North America, but also from the challenge issued to the artists to push their artistic limits and create extraordinary and unique images....Read more

Opus Victoria Helps Support the Mary Manning Centre

The Mary Manning Centre was the designated recipient of the Opus Victoria annual Christmas Donation Drive. To our great delight and amazement, $5,544 was contributed by Opus customers and the store itself is matching that contribution in kind. As a result, a $5,544 credit in art supplies has been set up for MMC, which is enormously appreciated because of the art therapy work we do with our clients.

On February 4th, Opus Victoria Manager, Marsha Arbour, formally presented the cheque to Sandy Bryce, MMC's Executive Director, and the Times Colonist was there to capture the moment. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Opus for the work they did in collecting donations on our behalf.

For further information about the Mary Manning Centre, please visit www.marymanning.com

Robert Bateman Get to Know Contest

Do your kids enjoy the outdoors? Does the natural world amaze and thrill them? Is painting, writing, or photography a favorite activity? Time and again, contemporary research has highlighted the close link between exposure to nature and healthy childhood development. Dr. Stephen Kellert of Yale University has examined this phenomenon in depth, concluding that "play in nature, particularly during the critical period of middle childhood, appears to be an especially important time for developing the capacities for creativity, problem-solving, and emotional and intellectual development."...Read more

The West Side Art Walk - Artists in Our Midst

Explore, enjoy, discover! Imagine a grassroots organization of artists opening their studios to the public every year for 17 years! This describes Artists in Our Midst. Enjoy the 17th annual Artists in Our Midst on April 23rd, 25th and 26th in Vancouver. This year, events will be held in three neighbourhoods on all three days, they are free and open to the public, so come and enjoy!...Read more

Recognizing Outstanding Art Educators in British Columbia

The Canadian Society for Education through Art (CSEA) is a voluntary association that was founded in Quebec City in 1955. It is the only Canadian national organization that brings together art educators, gallery educators and others with similar interests and concerns. Membership represents all levels of education: elementary, secondary, college/university, ministries of education, art galleries/museums, and community education. The CSEA aims to promote excellence in art education. One action toward that aim is to award deserving art educators at their annual conference every year. We are pleased to be able to share with you the outstanding recipients from right here in B.C. for the 2008 award.
BC Art Educator Award: Mike McElgunn...Read more

Art in the City: Local Painter Dylan Schultz

Local Vancouver artist Dylan Schultz was chosen as the featured artist for the upcoming Art in the City show at the West End Community Centre May 1-3, 2009. His painting "Urban Legend" was used in the print campaign for the show. Dylan Schultz's powerful and intriguing works of art stimulate the mind and provoke thought. They are touching, stirring and pertinent. His urban work often evokes a strong emotional response. The paintings are very familiar, and very Vancouver....Read more