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Artists! Let's Change the World

Artists, Let's Change the World

It's no secret that art can shake foundations, topple oppressive structures, plant the seeds of change or bring that change to powerful fruition. In many times and places, art struggles to flourish and be recognized, yet always it dances intensely with politics, with activism, with change, surviving and thriving.

It's also no secret that the human world currently faces a very large challenge: climate change. Some consider it to be the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. However you see it, however I see it, as artists, we must consider it. For if art does anything, it certainly considers....Read more

How art made Opus consider

Supporting our community

The visual arts give us so much, and so it has always been a central theme in Opus’ business philosophy to support visual arts programs in our community. We do this by encouraging new artists and masters alike, by promoting community arts events, by contributing to non-profit visual arts organizations and programs, and by supporting visual arts education. ...Read more

Rejuvenate your creative self

For many artists, September is a time of renewal. No spring blossoms, no resolutions. Instead, what was once new and vibrant, having blossomed and flourished, now falls away in firey grace, opening up an earthy space for crisp new conceptions. It is the perfect time to learn something new.

Now, new doesn’t have to mean brand new (though that can be very exciting). It can also mean a next step. Whether you’re refreshing a skill, or looking for something completely different, our Workshops & Classes database has an incredible selection of courses offered by local artists – there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for the next evolution of your artistic practice....Read more

A Tribute to Excellence

Lake Country ArtWalk 2009

“A Tribute to Excellence” is the theme for Lake Country ArtWalk 2009, a two day festival which will explore the meeting
of art and sports, making a somewhat loose connection to the upcoming winter Olympic Games.

Did you know that creating art was once an official Olympic event? That changed in 1948, when it was determined that because artists get paid, they did not qualify as amateur? ArtWalk will be reviving that tradition by having a number of artists paint on site within a set time using a selected topic. The judges and viewers will have fun handing out the gold, bronze and silver medals during this unique event....Read more

Okanagan Mural Project

Okanagan Boys & Girls Club

During last year’s Christmas season, Opus gathered donations for the Downtown Youth Center, promising that they would match any donation dollar for dollar with an Opus Gift Card. The staff at the Youth Centre decided to use the funds to create a mural in the centre with the youth.

Over the year many youth and staff had expressed interest in painting a mural, but we did not have the means to complete it. The staff and youth were very excited to see it take shape. Acrylic on plywood, the mural features trees, a sun, mountains and other designs and is a collaboration between the youth and staff within the Richter Street Boys and Girls Club....Read more

Going social online

Going social online icons

Since the Internet got popular in the mid 90’s, the world has seen many trends come and go. After the millenium came and went, one trend began to dominate the Internet: Web 2.0, the “social” web. And today, two giants stand tall on the social web scene: Facebook and Twitter.

Why? Aside from their popular entertainment appeal, these social networking services provide valuable communication and community building opportunities. They allow people and businesses to share what they are doing in real time, providing opportunities for event organization and social momentum that are at the same time technically modern yet “grass roots” in feel....Read more

Art Guild Winners!

Michael Saya-Moore Scholarship recipient - Claire Hsu

Congratulations to Claire Hsu, of Lord Byng Secondary, this year’s recipient of the Michael Saya-Moore Scholarship. Sponsored by Opus and the Vancouver Art Guild. This scholarship is provided through the family and friends of Michael Saya-Moore in memory of this long time standing Guild member.

Congratulations as well go out to Cheryl Loh of Windermere Secondary and Warren Cheng of Lord Byng Secondary, recipients of the Vancouver Art Guild and Opus Scholarship. All awards are worth $500 and are made possible through the partnership of Opus Framing & Art Supplies and the Vancouver Art Guild. The Vancouver Art Guild is a non-profit arts organization that supports emerging artists through classes, exhibitions and scholarships....Read more

The Word on the Street

Word on the Street Festival

Vancouver’s The Word on the Street is back for its 15th year with another full day of free indoor and outdoor author events, exhibits, performances, a marketplace, and all-round reading excitement – Sunday, September 27th, 11am to 5pm at Library Square (Homer and Hamilton Streets between Robson and Georgia)....Read more

Children's Art Festival

Image by Bruce Rowles

For the 26th year, the Whistler Children’s Art Festival rocked the valley and had families from across BC dancing to Charlotte Diamond, parading in Ta Daa Lady’s magical costumes, learning about our local bears with Michael Allen and creating marionettes with Circus Fungus.
Whistler’s designation as a 2009 Cultural Capital of Canada shone through as kids flooded the gates and performers from across Canada made their way to the stage. The evolution of the festival has been significant since its inception in 1983. Created by a group of Whistler parents, the Children’s Art Festival was meant to compensate for the lack of arts programming in the valley when there were very few kids in the local school....Read more


Harmony Arts Festival

With the Opening of the 20th Harmony Arts Festival in West Vancouver, the second year Grand Prix of Plein Air d’ Arts was launched on Saturday, August 1, at the Ferry Building Gallery grounds. The event was sponsored by Opus Framing & Art Supplies.

Once again, we appreciate the invaluable presence of the gallery as a center for the arts in West Vancouver and, with curator Ruth Payne, their eager support of plein air painting. The enthusiasm for this event has grown, and this year the plein air celebration brought a total of 18 participants, with a large group of art buffs and Festival visitors watching the art in progress....Read more