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Celebrating British Columbia’s Unique Cultural Footprints

Columbia Valley - BC Cultural Crawl

Every community has its own unique cultural footprint. Just as every piece of art is unique, every community across BC presents a different set of experiences in August. ...Read more

Walking Home Yaletown Public Art

WHYPA: The Stop, Michael Zheng. Photo by Laurie Dawson.

This summer Walking Home Projects, in partnership with Immigrant Services Society, is working with 16 talented and ambitious students in a rigorous exploration and interpretation of Public Art across downtown Vancouver. During three hour sessions twice per week–meeting during rain, sun, and wind–we map new courses, uncover the contexts of each sculptural installation and site we visit, and picnic while developing creative and critical thinking.

In this experiential learning environment, Walking Home Yaletown Public Art (WHYPA) reveals neighbourhood history overlaid with contemporary urban life. While developing an understanding of urban planning and the development of a mixed use downtown Vancouver, the project highlights public amenities including the seawall, parks, community centres, museums and galleries, the City of Vancouver Public Art Program and the Vancouver International Sculpture Biennale....Read more

Past and Present

Gulf of Georgia Cannery

Gulf of Georgia Cannery Past and Present, an exhibit of artwork from the members of the Canadian Artists Society, will take place at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery from July 1st to 31st.

Research into the Gulf of Georgia Cannery’s history revealed that it was built in 1894 and was dubbed the “Monster Cannery”, packing more than 2.5 million cans of salmon. The cannery also brings in a diverse mix of workers from First Nations, Chinese, Japanese and European descent. Its work force has deep roots linked to the West Coast fishing industry, in particular the fishing community in Steveston. The exhibit is based on this framework with the intent to capture the glorious past of Gulf of Georgia Cannery and its present status in British Columbia....Read more

Harmony Arts Festival

Plein Air Master Alfonso L. Tejada

Starting Friday, July 30th and running until Sunday, August 8th, the Harmony Arts Festival presented by Odlum Brown Limited kicks off its landmark 20th year, marking the return of the premiere summer North Shore arts festival. The public is invited to visit the various seaside venues to experience first-hand all the sights, sounds and sensations of this award winning 10-day festival. Everyone is welcome and all of the events are free. ...Read more

Plein Air BC

Plein Air BC is a website to bring the plein air artists of BC together for planned or impromptu paint outs. You can find Plein Air BC at www.pleinairbc.com.

"I couldn't find other artists to paint with in my area so I decided to create a website in hopes of helping me find others or groups of people to paint with." says Michael King, creator of the Plein Air BC website.

The intention is to provide an area online where artists in BC can come and see if there are any paint outs in their neighbourhood. If you have something to be listed, artists are encouraged to email all the details to Michael at
mrking@michaelking.ca and he will put it up within 24 hours....Read more

Art Kits @ Opus

Arts Umbrella Art Kits at Opus Granville Island

Located on Granville Island for more than 30 years, Arts Umbrella has grown from a dream of a few young and artistic parents to a highly respected model for children’s arts organizations around the world. Arts Umbrella ignites a lasting inspiration in the classroom, so that students can learn to think creatively in everything they do.

Arts Umbrella is a not-for-profit centre for arts education for young people, reaching thousands of children and youth annually through core programming, outreach programs and school performances. Arts Umbrella is committed to making arts education accessible, especially for children and youth in under served neighbourhoods, with innovative instruction in dance, theatre, music and visual and media arts. ...Read more

VFS Digital Design

VFS Digital Design

Digital Design at Vancouver Film School. Maybe not the first thing you think of when you hear "design school". Hey, that's okay, because there are advantages to being small. It's what makes us different. It's what lets us offer a one-year education that's about pushing design forward instead of just pushing buttons. Combining process and results in a package that spans graphic design, interactive design, motion design, and video production, no other school wastes so little of your time and demands so much. ...Read more

Welcome to our new design!

Screenshot of the front page of opusframing.com

We're excited to be moving to the new design of our website today. A number of factors went in to the decision to do this, but primary among them was making information on our website more readable. As a bonus: the current changes come with some great new features!...Read more

Drawn / Artists and Drawings / 2010

Drawing at Drawn Festival 2009

"Drawing is under-appreciated," says Lynn Ruscheinsky, an art history professor who teaches courses in indigenous and contemporary art at Langara College and Emily Carr University. "Artists throughout history have long understood the value and importance of this medium, yet the general public and even the art world itself have traditionally viewed drawing as little more than a preparatory form for works created in other media." According to Ruscheinksy, this view of drawing's place is both arbitrary and wrong: "Drawing is an important artistic language with something unique and very special to say." ...Read more

Creating an Art News Community Profile

Your Art News Community Profile (what we call your "Art News login") allows you to post Art News and to keep track of the comments and posts you've made on our site. In the future, we hope to introduce more ways to help you stay connected and informed through our website. ...Read more