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You can now post Art News!

Yes, it's true – no more emailing us, or using our old submit form. By creating an Art News Community Profile with us, you gain access to some new abilities to interact with our website. One of those abilities is posting Art News. Here's how you do it.

1. Log in to your Art News Community Profile
Don't have one? Please have a look at our registration instructions and then register here.
You should see a green box to the right of this article that says "Log in to Post Art News." If you click those words, the box should open and close, allowing you some control of that space.
Inside that box should be a few items, including a form to login with your Art News Community Profile Username and password. If you can't remember your username, you can use the email address associated with your profile. If you can't remember your password, click the "Forgot your Art News password?" link to send yourself an email with a new password in it.
Once you've familiarized yourself with this, please log in.
2. Click "Post Something!" then "Art News"
The Art News Login block will have transformed to a menu with your username at the top, and a few links in the middle. One link in that menu should say: "Post something!" When you click it, a submenu will appear with options to post various kinds of things on our website. Right now, only Art News is open for posting. Click "Art News" to go to the "Create Art News" page.
Fill out the form and you're done! Once you've successfully filled out the Create Art News form, it will be automatically added to the Art News listings, both on the front page, and on every Art News category page you've specified (see below).

Filling out the Create Art News form

3. Select your Art News Type
Select the kind of Art News you're posting by clicking the option in the box. If your Art News qualifies for more than one category, you can simply hold down the CTRL button (on Windows) or the CMD button (the "clover" on Macs) while you click so that you can select more than one.
4. Type a Call Out/Headline
Choose a title for your Art News. This will appear as the big bold piece of text that starts every Art News item.
It's important to make this somewhat meaningful. For example, if you call your Art News "Call for Submissions," you don't really identify who you are or what's being asked for. In contrast, something like "Port Coquitlam Gallery Seeking Submissions for August Exhibition" has much more information.
There is no reasonable maximum on the amount of words you can put here, but please try to be specific and concise - if you put a title that's too large, it becomes difficult to read and the listing comes off as a 'shout,' which may work against your readers' interests.
5. Specify an Event/Exhibit Date
This is a required (*)field which helps determine the ongoing relevancy of your news. We realize that some Art News will not have a readily identifiable start or end date. If that is the case, please specify today's date as your "From" date, and then choose a "To" date which answers the question: "when will this news no longer be of immediate interest to people?" The furthest date you can specify is December 31st of next year.
If your Art News has more than one associated date, look for the button that says "add another item." Click this to add another set of dates. You can add up to 10 dates for any one piece of art news. For example, if you want to add a series of public art lectures, you might add each date to one piece of art news. On the other hand, it might better serve your purpose to add each event separately as you get closer and closer to the start of each.
6. Type the Description/Details
Please provide as much detail as possible so that people both a) know what your art news is about, b) have some clear way of finding out more, c) know where to find you. When you fill this out, email addresses and website URL's that start with 'http://' or 'www' will automatically convert into links.
Please do not use ALL CAPS. It makes it appear as though you are shouting, and many people have a much harder time reading your post!
*note: if you don't want your email address to turn into a link, you can replace the '@' symbol with something else that implies it, such as '[at]', e.g. info [at] opusartsupplies.com
7. Specify a Submission Deadline (optional)
Obviously this applies to Calls for Submissions. Like the event dates, place your cursor in the field to bring up a calendar you can use to choose dates. Then, in the field beside the date, place your cursor to type a time (very important if you want to make sure you're not accepting submissions that come in at 11:59pm!)
The time field works in 15 minute increments, and will force the minutes you type to the nearest 15 minute block. You can use the cursor keys on your keyboard (when you've typed at time) to shift the hours, minutes, and AM/PM values.
8. Fill out the RECAPTCHA and hit "Save" or "Preview"
RECAPTCHA is the spam protection service we use on opusartsupplies.com. To learn more about how to use it on our site, you can read What is CAPTCHA?. Or you can go right to the RECAPTCHA service website to learn more about how it works (e.g. did you know that by filling out the recaptcha block on forms you are helping to digitize classical archived publications?).
The Preview Page
The preview page will display your final listing AND the edit form (below it - it's a long page). Your previewed Art News will have a beige background, but it will display all the information you've specified. If you are happy with it, scroll to the bottom and hit "Save." If you are not, scroll down and edit the things you want to edit, and then hit "Save" or "Preview" again.

Published! How do I edit or delete?

When you hit "Save", you will be taken to your new listing as it will appear in the Art & Community News section. If you are logged in, you may notice two tabs just above the listing, called "View" and "Edit". "View" is what it looks like when people (including you) just simply view the page. "Edit" provides the form you used to create your Art News in the first place, and you can make any changes as necessary. If you click "Edit" and scroll to the bottom, you'll notice a "Delete" button. Click this and follow the instructions to remove your Art News.

So there you have it. We hope this service is easy to use and becomes a helpful way for you to keep artists abreast of what's going on in the visual arts community.