Your Essentials Promotion

Build your own essential set of three! Add any three of the same size Opus Essential Acrylic Colours, or Opus Essential Oil Colours, or Opus Essential Watercolours to your cart and receive a matching Opus Essential Titanium White in the same medium and size. See details below.

Titanium White Promo Codes

Use the following promo codes to redeem your free Titanium White with the purchase of any 3 opus essential colours* or any Opus Essential Limited Edition Artist Sets

Build Your Own 60mL Acrylic Essential Set of 3: OEAC22

Build Your Own 37mL Oil Essential Set of 3: OEOC22

Build Your Own 8mL Watercolour Essential Set of 3: OEWC22

Opus Essential Limited Edition Artist Paint Sets: OPUSET

*Restricted to certain sizes. See below for terms & conditions


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