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Liquitex is Pouring it on with Metallics
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Liquitex is joining us this season by pouring it on with Metallic and Iridescent mediums. These mediums are over flowing with shimmer and shine, offering the perfect pairing to your acrylic paints this season. What will you create?

Intense iridescent shimmer and flair to your work.

The Iridescent Pouring Medium set includes a 473ml Iridescent Pouring Medium along with three primary Soft Body colors. Pouring mediums help you customize your color by lowering viscosity, increasing flexibility, and bringing unique effects to your work. From pours and puddles to acrylic skins, Liquitex Acrylic Pouring Mediums allow you to enhance your practice and try new techniques. Set: $49.80

The Power of Metallic Gold

Add a metallic gold effect when mixed with color, or add surface highlights to your piece with the Gold Metallic Medium. Create unique, luminous pieces that catch the light and add excitement to your favorite colors. Size: 8OZ | $19.30

Your Silver Lining

For more metallic effects, try the Silver Metallic Medium. Like other fluid mediums, both Silver Metallic and Gold Metallic Mediums extend color without impacting the acrylic stability. Size: 8OZ | $19.30
These mediums are designed to extend your acrylic paints, adding style or changing viscosity. Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic colours are a perfect pairing. Discover the range of colours available at Opus Art Supplies: