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Opus Big Picture 2014 – Black & White Edition Gallery

Thank you to everyone who participated in our digital photography event:

The Opus Big Picture 2014: Black & White Edition

This summer, we invited you to interpret the theme Black & White in the medium of photography for our 2nd Opus Big Picture photo event. 172 exciting entries poured in between July 1 and August 31 and our judges had their work cut out for them! The submissions, ranging from thought-provoking to downright magical, made the judges’ task of selecting just three images a challenging one.

The results are in, and the judges’ top pic(k)s are…

Joci Sirak
“Two in One on Keefer Street. This photo is a salute to the heyday of Black & White Photography before the “Color Revolution”. The lights, the shadows, the movement, the sign are all harmonized to the moment.”

Selected by Lysa Bromaroff & Zak Sarwari
Fertile Images + Design

“This image has energy and execution. The angles, the focus, and the blur all work to tell a story and create mystery and tension. Plus, it feels 1930's (Film Noir), while looking modern and sophisticated, making it a perfect image for many applications – from a large piece on the wall to book cover art.”

Andrew Feenberg
“Anima. This photograph, “Anima,” is a stark illustration of the power of black and white photography to reveal the ephemeral play of light and shadow in the street.”

Selected by Katie Stewart
Sad Mag

“I would hang this image in my home in a heartbeat. The graphic repetition of the wall bricks, sidewalk, and the squares on the woman’s handbag establish a structure and urgency reinforced by the subject’s determined walk. Yet the subtle movement in her flowered dress, her back shoe lifting off of the ground – and my most favourite element – her own shadow reaching back at her as if she is leaving it behind.”

Katrina Gurr
““Resemblance” is a very black and white photo. The love/bond between horses and their riders is very black and white; there is no other love as strong. It’s as simple as that. Black and white images are always full of contrast, as is “Resemblance”. The contrast between the horse’s legs and the girl’s attire is visually compelling.”

Selected by Morten Rand-Hendriksen & Angela Chih
12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon

“There is something immediately compelling about this photo. Well balanced and symmetrical, it offers an aesthetic and conceptual challenge. Katrina’s decision to present the theme in colour is both artful and clever in its execution, as is her use of contrasts and shapes to add a surprising and subtle element of humour and oddity to the piece. Simply put, a great interpretation of 'Black & White.'”

The Prizes!

Each of judges' top selections are receiving a Facemounted print print of their work, and their work is featured in the October 2014 edition of the Opus Visual Arts Newsletter, available in stores or by subscription for Opus PLUS Members from October 1-31, 2014.

In addition, these three selected entrants will receive a 1-Year Subscription to Sad Mag, Quarterly Conversations About Arts & Culture.

Honorable Mentions

We also asked each of our judges to select an alternate choice for their top image, in the event that one image was selected as the top pick by more than one judge. That did not occur (though one judge's top selection was the alternate pic for another!) but we wanted to honour those images as well by featuring them here as Honourable Mentions.

Steve Kazemir
“I believe an abstract image can do more to bring out the contrast between black and white, light and shadow. The eye is drawn to the light at first, but then travels to the shadow while the mind attempts to make sense of the image.”

Selected by Lysa Bromaroff & Zak Sarwari
Fertile Images + Design

“Composition + lighting make this image an instant classic. And it is a very sensuous photograph, considering it is all angles.
This shot has been done often in the history of modern photography, but rarely this well. Congratulations.”

Jason Duncan
“A moody Icelandic scene with fresh white snow, over the black sandspit with the beautiful mountains draped in North Atlantic weather, makes for my vision of the perfect Black & White image.”

Selected by Katie Stewart
Sad Mag

“The layers of texture, light & dark, and silver highlights are incredible. From the misty clouds, to the slick pools of water–I want to run my fingers over elements of the photograph. This is so much more than being at the right place at the right time. ”

Andrew Feenberg
“Anima. This photograph, “Anima,” is a stark illustration of the power of black and white photography to reveal the ephemeral play of light and shadow in the street.”

Selected by Morten Rand-Hendriksen & Angela Chih
12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon

“Andrew's photo is the essence of street photography, delivering a random and candid frozen moment in time with serendipitous timing that reveals post snap, an unforeseen element. Many cartoonists and filmmakers have imagined the animated shadow acting on its subject. It is a pleasure to see this captured in real life in a delightfully uncontrived execution of "Black & White."”

Congratulations to all who participated in this event!

And a big THANK YOU to our 2014 Jury:
Lysa Bromaroff & Zak Sarwari
Lysa & Zak are a husband and wife team of photographers at Fertile Images + Design

Morten Rand-Hendriksen & Angela Chih
Two of the team behind the 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon - Morten created this popular photography event and Angela produces it.

Katie Stewart
Katie is the Co-Publisher of Sad Mag, Quarterly Conversations About Arts & Culture. Produced in Vancouver, the magazine's pho­to­graphic images are shot on either film or Polaroid with no digital manipulation.

Browse through the Opus Big Picture 2014 Gallery below to see how 172 photographers interpreted theme of "Black & White".

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Submissions for this event closed on August 31, 2014. However, if you are interested in viewing the submission details, you can find them here