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Any Way You Slice It

Slicing, dicing, crafting, or carving: no matter what sort of cutting you are doing, a sharp, precision knife will help you achieve crisp, clean lines in your cuts! There are so many knives, blades, and cutters for sale, it can... Read More

Surface Matters: NEW Premium-Quality Canvas at Opus!

At Opus, we believe in providing you with the best possible surface, and we have found it in Fredrix Premium Canvas, a top‑of‑the‑line selection of surfaces for the professional artist. In the beginning stages of your creative process – the... Read More

And We Have Lift Off!

Reactivate! Along with their inherent transparency, a key property of watercolour paints is reactivation  – water can be applied to dry colour, dissolving the water-soluble binder, allowing you to lift the pigment from the paper. You can exploit this characteristic... Read More

Creative Services at Opus

Crafted to your specifications, Opus Creative Services provide you with optimal control over your artwork, whether you are looking for a painting surface made to your specifications, top-quality fine art digital reproductions of your work, or a custom-crafted picture frame.... Read More

Opus Langley Celebrating 20 Years!

A big thanks to all of you who have made Opus Langley a huge part of the Fraser Valley’s creative community! To all of the wonderful staff who have shared their passion and knowledge with us over the years, the... Read More

Chart Your Creativity!

The sketchpad – redefined! We’re excited to announce the latest in pads and paper from the Chartpak family of brands. Designed by some of the most passionate papermakers in the industry, these pads offer outstanding papers for every media. The... Read More

Watercolour Wishlist

Are you ready to pack up your water media supplies and create outdoors? Browse our list of favourites for the outdoor watercolour artist: PaintsOpus Essential WatercoloursWinsor & Newton Professional Water Coloursvan Gogh Pocket Box Sets (on sale until May 31)Sakura... Read More

A Brush with Greatness

Dip into the World of Watercolour Brushes While pigments and paints often get all the glory, the smooth washes and expressive marks in a watercolour work owe much of their success to the artist’s trustiest of tools  –  the brush.... Read More

A Beginner’s Journey to Hand Lettering

Jump down to: Quick Tips for Getting Started • Hand Lettering Resources & Related Products • Join Me for 28 Days of Hand Lettering Practice! Over the past year, my sketchbook has been filled with pages of attempts at hand... Read More

Getting to the Core of Graphite

The graphite pencil is ubiquitous, a staple everywhere from the classroom, studio, and office, to the beginner’s toolbox and the professional’s collection. Its marks form words on a page, classical drawings, the foundations for paintings, and so much more. Graphite... Read More

Smart Printing: From Phone to Home

“The best camera is the one that’s with you,” Chase Jarvis. For many of us, that camera is the one built into our smartphones. The portability and connectivity of these communication devices to social media means you always have a... Read More

Gesso Basics

Contents: History • Introduction • Preparing a Canvas Surface • Preparing a Wood Surface • How-To Document (PDF) HISTORY Historically, surface preparation, regardless of the surface type, was labour intensive and time consuming. For instance, Renaissance tastes called for a smooth,... Read More

Discover What’s New at Opus!

New Items Jacquard Pinata Alcohol Ink Pentel Color Pen Sets Pentel Brush Pens – Colour Pens Pentel Wet Erase Chalk Markers Lamy Safari Limited Edition Dark Lilac Pen (availability will vary per store) Strathmore 400 Series Marker Pads Opus Finest... Read More

Acrylic Best Practices

Packing for Plein Air Success

Take it outside! We asked eight plein air artists from BC to share what they bring into the field. For painters and sketchers, first-timers and seasoned plein air artists alike, their lists offer a helpful starting point to preparing for... Read More

Our Top 5 Picks for 2015

Find your inspiration for a full and invigorating year of creativity. We have assembled a list of our top 5 things to try in 2015. Experiment with a new paint, test out new grounds, and make this year’s practice a... Read More

Last Minute Gift Ideas!

Whether you’re shopping for the seasoned artist or a new creative enthusiast, we’re here to help! Find great gifts for painters, sketchers, sculptors and more, and ease your last minute shopping with fun and inspiring ideas for all the creative... Read More

Space To Create – May 2014

Space To Create – March 2014

MSDS Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish

MSDS Liquitex Clear Gesso

Framing It Up For 2014

The right frame is the finishing touch to your artwork, complimenting both the art and the space where it will hang. Like other areas of design and décor, there are distinct trends in framing. Whether you’re preparing your art for... Read More

Digital Printing At Home

Take your photos beyond the JPEG with Fine Art digital papers – at home! Whether you use a DSLR, a point and shoot, or your mobile phone’s camera, you’ve likely taken photos that have only been seen on a display... Read More

Brush Size Chart

Airbrush Materials

The Art of the Frame – Opus Plein Air Frames

Our plein air frames feature your works of art on stretched canvas and canvas panel, digital prints on canvas, and cradled wood panels beautifully with clean lines that add presence, frame construction that provides protection, and a value that lasts.... Read More

Surface Preparation

From the Ground UP

Much like building a home, creating a solid foundation for your artwork ensures the structure is well supported. Without this preparation, not only is the final look of the work potentially affected, but the foundation itself can cause and hasten... Read More

The Art of the Frame – Opus Frames for works on Canvas

The heart of our framing philosophy at Opus to offer simple, elegant, and economical options that enhance the look and value of any work of art. Our frames beautifully feature your works of art on canvas and canvas prints with... Read More

Build on Your Basics

Can you say with confidence you’ve got the right colour palette to realize your creative vision? Do you know using a professional grade paint can result in a cost savings? A fresh new year calls for a refresher in the... Read More