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Mastering Mixed Media

We got the opportunity to check in with four Canadian mixed media artists and delve into their art practices. Each artist experiments with media, forming the basis of their art practice. Gain fresh insight into the processes of the artists,... Read More

Mixing Your Media by Enhancing Digital Prints

Many artists including Wanda Lock and Deborah Bakos experiment with mixed media, using digital prints as the foundation to create some of their art pieces. Discover easy ways you can incorporate digital prints into your own mixed media experiments. If... Read More

Make Space to Create

This September, we invite you to make space to create! Whether that means making time in your day to draw, paint or doodle, giving yourself the go-ahead to make plans for your next big project, or making a physical space... Read More

Make It Shine

Make It Shine While scientists have theorized that our love of shiny objects stems from an evolutionary attraction to water, there’s no denying that we are drawn to things that shimmer and shine. To capture some of that twinkling goodness... Read More

Tips for Studio Safety

Whether you work in your own studio, a shared space, or at home, it is important to take precautions against materials that may be harmful to you or the environment if not handled with care. Here are a few tips... Read More

Just Add Colour – Article

Colouring books have grown up! A relaxing, therapeutic, and remarkably fun activity, colouring books have made a comeback with adults worldwide. In mid-2014, the reports of a new creative trend began to emerge. Adults were picking up pencil crayons, markers,... Read More

Just Practice

It’s time to make time for making! Scheduling in even 5 minutes a day of creative time can have outstanding results. This month, we challenge you to challenge yourself to … Just Practice! Artwork by Jayleen Weaver Watch our video series... Read More

A Creative Block Comes Full Circle: featuring Danielle Krysa aka “The Jealous Curator”

“It was the most weird, emotional and fantastic moment. If somebody told me back when I was that terrified BFA student who didn’t fit in, ‘Don’t worry. In 20 years you will be back here and your book is going... Read More

An Art Market Frame of Mind

The season of giving is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to share your work at a local art market. Below, we’ve assembled a myriad of ideas to help boost your success. Even if you’re a seasoned... Read More

Space To Create – July/August Postcards

Custom Creativity

Find freedom in print! Alter your images to create expressive prints and unique displays with ease through digital editing and printing. As carefully as you may plan and frame a shot, not every photo is best left at your camera’s... Read More

Packing for Plein Air Success

Acrylics or oils, watercolours or drawing materials – no matter what media you choose, we’ve assembled a few checklists of the essentials required for a fun day with the great outdoors as your studio! Watercolours: Watercolour paint box or selection... Read More

What Message is Your Portfolio Exhibiting?

More than just an archive of your work, your portfolio communicates your ability and potential as an artist. Knowing your portfolio is the first impression you give when meeting with galleries and art collectors, how do you present your artwork... Read More

Opus Copenhagen Mouldings

Inspired by Scandinavian design, the latest addition to frame mouldings at Opus – the Copenhagen – combines natural materials with sleek, modern lines. Balancing beauty and function, the Copenhagen embraces the Scandinavian design principles of minimalism and utilizing natural materials.... Read More

Stylish Solutions for Art Groupings

It’s easy to get lost in the numerous possibilities of picture framing, particularly when displaying multiple pieces. How you finish and hang groups of images can influence the effect of each artwork and the presentation as a whole. So, where... Read More

Custom Framing: The Opus Way

Having recently moved in to a new home, Crissy had been looking to personalize the space with artwork. A visit to a local thrift shop netted her two original works on paper that worked well together – a large pen and ink... Read More

Inspired by Paper

Paper is amazing. Ever since its invention around 105 AD in China, it has found more and diverse ways to be used. Have a look at pop-up books, origami, and papier maché. Who ever thought something so flat could be... Read More

Framing Art on Canvas

Framing plays a key role in the presentation of an image. The right frame complements your image by creating a beautiful and effective display. A well chosen frame will draw the viewer’s eye into the composition in ways that can... Read More

Sharing Works

Send a message that is sure to get a stamp of approval! Begin with blank greeting cards and create multiple images using your favourite media and techniques – hand-pulled prints, creative photography, one-off watercolour creations – and greet the world... Read More

Not-so Neutral Grey

The latest trend in framing sees the rise of this cool, matte shade to give a neutral impact on the work it surrounds for a stylish finish that is anything but neutral. Whether you want to let the bright colours... Read More

Dive Into Mixed Media

What comes to mind when you think of Mixed Media? As personal definitions and methods vary, we challenged three of our staff to make their own interpretations. And like a high-pressure reality show, they had to work with a common... Read More

Refresh, Rethink, Rediscover!

Like a blank canvas or sheet of paper, a new year holds the promise of something new and exciting. Refresh your passion for art by trying a new medium. Rethink your approach by experimenting with new techniques. Many traditional art... Read More

New Explorations in Charcoal

This past fall, Opus teamed up with the Continuing Studies Department at Emily Carr University of Art + Design to produce a series of videos with their instructors, including artist Vjeko Sager. Vjeko shared his love of charcoal (he confesses... Read More

Mix Your Media

It starts with digital artwork. That can mean everything from a digital photograph, illustration, or collage to a scanned image of an original fine art piece or photograph taken on film. The next step is selecting the type of surface... Read More

Modern Metal Mouldings

When you consider metal picture frames, what comes to mind? Some may think of the shiny gold look made popular in the 80’s, or feel they can look cold and sterile, even cheap. Today, the design of many metal frames... Read More

Art Academy for Nintendo DS (game review)

Every artist has to start somewhere, but not everyone has the circumstances or desire to attend art school, and even small workshops may be intimidating to the beginner. Opus has a great selection of instructional books, but now there is... Read More

NEW – Digital Printing on Canvas at Opus

We are very excited to announce our new digital printing on canvas service, available now at Opus Art & Design Media in Downtown Vancouver. Printing on canvas offers some exciting new ways to make art, from simple projects to printing... Read More

Artistic Apps

As a fan of the iPhone (and to be honest, I don’t even have one yet), I cannot believe how many applications there are. I’m planning to get one as soon as my current plan needs renewing, and have decided... Read More

Vancouver Biennale: On now until 2011, so wander Vancouver!

For those who may not be familiar with the term, biennale is Italian for “every other year” and is commonly appropriated by English speakers to refer specifically to biannual international art events. For some, going to a biennale can be... Read More

The Daily Heller makes Noise About Type

This week over at Print, Steven Heller provides us with a handy list of online podcasts, webcasts and radio shows all about type. If you’re curious about trying out digital media, or are doing anything print-related (Holiday cards, perhaps?), get... Read More