Hahnemühle FineArt Papers

Founded in 1584 as a paper mill in South Lower Saxony’s Solling uplands, Hahnemühle developed – strictly according to the spirit of its founding fathers – into a customer-oriented and innovative manufacturing facility.


Explore Hahnemühle’s offering of unparallelled watercolour blocks, pads, and books.

Sketch Pads

Plain, dotted, or ruled – there is a Hahnemühle sketchbook perfectly suited for you!

Books & Journals

Practical companions for mobile people, who prefer to record their thoughts, feelings or impressions between the covers of a book.

Acrylic Blocks

Hahnemühle Acryl’s elegant satin finish helps limit absorption so your open time is not affected and colours stay brilliant and true.

About The Collection

We work with world-renowned manufacturers to bring you the most exciting products. For years, the list of items we’d love to carry has been growing – some seemed too niche, too pricey or in a category with too much selection. However, the time has come and we’re delighted to introduce The Collection. 


These are art supplies with a special story – a rich history, unusual choice of colour, exceptional process in manufacturing, or championed by a handful of enthusiastic connoisseurs. Boutique, small batch, locally produced or hard to acquire … items you might struggle to find through mainstream channels, but that doesn’t mean they all come with a hefty price tag! We’ve shopped the world to bring you The Collection, and true to our values, there’s something in it for everyone.