Art Graf Graphite

Made by skilled craftsmen in Porto, Portugal, the ArtGraf family of graphite and carbon products represents the heritage and dedication to superior quality that has been ingrained in the practices of this family-owned manufacturer since 1907.

Graphite Powder

Extremely versatile, this water-soluble graphite powder gives the artist the opportunity to explore new techniques and approaches with one of the oldest and most conventional raw materials used in fine arts

Watercolour Graphite

ArtGraf graphite watercolour totally changes the artist’s take on graphite. Pencil painting is perhaps the best expression to define the artistic potential of this material, allowing artists to obtain the full scale graphite shades.

Kneadable Graphite

Soft graphite putty that allows artists to shape the drawing tool according to specific drawing needs ranging from a large ball to make wide coloured areas for working large to a very small tool for greater control and accuracy.

About The Collection

We work with world-renowned manufacturers to bring you the most exciting products. For years, the list of items we’d love to carry has been growing – some seemed too niche, too pricey or in a category with too much selection. However, the time has come and we’re delighted to introduce The Collection. 


These are art supplies with a special story – a rich history, unusual choice of colour, exceptional process in manufacturing, or championed by a handful of enthusiastic connoisseurs. Boutique, small batch, locally produced or hard to acquire … items you might struggle to find through mainstream channels, but that doesn’t mean they all come with a hefty price tag! We’ve shopped the world to bring you The Collection, and true to our values, there’s something in it for everyone.