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Creating Brushes That Inspire Including: oil, watercolour, mixed media, acrylic, and tools for artists.

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Get inspired to create your next masterpiece with Princeton Brushes!

A Guide to Princeton Brushes & Tools

Princeton Artist Brush Co. is one of the largest brush-makers in North America. Since their start in 1992, artist brushes have been the sole focus of Princeton. Other brush companies make paint, paper, canvas, pastels, and easels. Princeton makes one thing: the best quality, most fairly priced artist brushes available today. In this article we have compiled resources to give you a comprehensive guide to using Princeton Brushes.

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Oil Techniques: Painting en Plein Air

What makes your heart skip a beat and say, “I have to paint this!”? Every painter is searching for the magic — that special something that compels you to bring a subject to life with a brush and canvas. Sheree Jones shares some of the techniques she employs to capture that magic while painting in… Read More

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