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Since 1584, Hahnemühle has been making FineArt Papers and the process has only improved and they now make some of the most sought-after art surfaces in the world.

Watercolour Blocks, Pads, and Papers

Crucial for the quality of a painting is the surface texture of the watercolour paper. Hahnemühle Traditional Artist Papers are produced according to old recipes using high quality raw materials and pure spring water.

Journals & Notebooks

The finest creamy off-white Hahnemühle watermarked paper enclosed between exquisite covers that protect your utterly personal entries – for a writing experience that both looks and feels stunning.

Pastel Pads

The pastel paper made by Hahnemühle not only reproduces the colours faithfully but also allows a variety of special effects to be created.

More Blocks, Pads, & Paper


Get inspired by articles and videos on how these products can help you to create your next masterpiece!

Sustainability at Hahnemühle and Bamboo Paper for Digital Printing

Sustainable Papers for Digital Printing Sustainability and digitization are megatrends. So, what could be more natural than for Hahnmühle to include sustainable paper too? They protect what matters and present a unique FineArt inkjet paper made from extraordinary, sustainable Bamboo. As a “green paper” it occupies a special place within the Hahnemühle Digital FineArt Collection. … Read More

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From Einbeck to Opus: Bringing Hahnemühle’s Papers Home

From Einbeck to Opus: Bringing Hahnemühle’s Papers Home By Brian White, Director of Sales & Marketing   In January of 2018, I had the privilege of travelling to Germany to attend the annual Paperworld Trade Fair in Frankfurt. Similar to past trips I have taken with Opus’ owner, David van Berckel, it was very fast-paced… Read More

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