Find The Perfect Studio Lighting

Create your dream studio! As the days get shorter, we lose the natural light. Good lighting is key to colour accuracy. Find studio lights to compliment your decor and provide exceptional neutral daylight for greater colour control.

Featured Studio Lighting

Omega Magnifying Light

Perfect for those who need a fantastic and focused source of light they can move around, see the difference great lighting makes, especially when carrying out detailed work.Plus, the magnification of the Omega 3.5 can help take off some of the pressure from eye strain.


Artist Studio Lamp with Stand

Exceptionally versatile studio lamp for working on medium to surfaces. The large aluminium shade clips onto the tall tripod stand and can be adjusted in any position to provide excellent art studio lighting. The shade is light for easy movement.

Aura Ring Light

The best way to choose a colour is to see the colour! The high CRI allows you to work in perfect daylight wherever you are. The ring gives an even and shadowless distribution of light. Plus, the Aura is lightweight and folds into its carry-bag.