Month: February 2012

Making the Stretch

In 1841 John Rand invented collapsible zinc tubes for oil paints. Suddenly paints were portable, and Winsor & Newton, two London artists, began immediately to market this amazing new product. At the same time, in response to a growing public... Read More

Using Yupo

A synthetic paper that garners unique results. Three artists discuss using traditional media on this contemporary, 21st century surface for exciting and unpredictable results. Browse through the paper drawers at Opus and you may discover a smooth, matte paper unlike... Read More

Against the Grain

Painting on wood is a practice that has existed for centuries and it’s easy to see why this surface has maintained its popularity. Wood offers a durability that flexible surfaces can’t. The rigidity prevents the artwork from cracking and protects... Read More

Fact-Informed Visual Art Marketing

An arts service organization that I admire is MyArtClub.Com. In 2008, its founders, Cam Anderson and Peter Newell, designed a survey to gather some consumer and sales information about the Metro Vancouver art market. The publication, Canadian Fine Art Market... Read More

A Weighty Issue

lbs vs. gsm – which gives you the most accurate picture of paper weight? Along with texture and tone, thickness must be taken into account when choosing the paper best suited to your chosen media and desired end result. Ideally,... Read More

Art Prices & Hard Times

What establishes the value of artwork, especially the ones that demand incredibly high prices, and how many artists are making “the big bucks?” These questions intrigue me, so I found press reports about some recent events in the art market... Read More

Introducing Opus Plus

It’s been nearly forty years since Opus Art Supplies began as a small picture frame manufacturer. In that time, we’ve looked for different ways to understand the creative individual who shops at our stores. That knowledge has allowed us to... Read More