Month: August 2011

The Nostalgia of Printed Film: 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon

I either have an adventurous spirit, or maybe I just think that sometimes it’s better not to know what I’m getting into. I can’t remember why my husband and I signed up – neither one of us had really shot with film... Read More

Youth Stamp Artist Profile

My art teacher, when I was in Junior High, used to say that taking the wrapper off a new canvas was like opening a box of chocolates. It’s exciting, choosing what to paint. Taking the concepts in your head and... Read More

Reproducing Your Originals

With the expansion of our Fine Art Digital Print Service to all six of our stores, the place of reproductions in the marketing of one’s work has come up. As artists, this is worth examining and discussing as it directly... Read More

The Artist Series: In Support of the Arts

In light of recent arts cuts, we have asked for “more support for the arts.” I would suggest that recent cuts, though directly having serious implications on art production, artist livelihood and arts exposure through centers that rely on funding,... Read More

Painting Foundations: Sizes, Grounds and Acrylic Primer

Lay a solid groundwork for your painting with a good foundation, an important step to help your chosen medium and substrate adhere to one another and ensure the longevity of your work. Selecting the right kind and combination of foundation... Read More

What If There Were No More Galleries?

Recently in Vancouver, two well-known galleries, Buschlen Mowatt Gallery and Dianne Farris Gallery, closed their doors. Their owner/operators are both staying active in the visual art field: Barrie Mowatt with the Vancouver Biennale and Dianne Farris with her online gallery,... Read More