Month: May 2011

DIY Framing at Opus

The process of creating original artwork and photographs is a series of choices. Subject matter, media, and your chosen surface all influence the resulting piece. That process continues through to how you present and display your work. Custom do-it-yourself framing... Read More

Changes at Opus

Opus North Vancouver Our popular Opus Digital Print Service is now available in North Vancouver. Bring a digital file of your artwork or photographs and order a custom print of it on canvas. Choose to have the canvas print unstretched... Read More

Limited Palette, Unlimited Ideas

To paint in a single hue, relying solely on value, can be a challenge. Since 2003, artists around the globe have taken on this challenge with masterful results in Gamblin’s Torrit Grey Competition. Each spring, the paintmakers at Gamblin gather... Read More

Art Academy for Nintendo DS (game review)

Every artist has to start somewhere, but not everyone has the circumstances or desire to attend art school, and even small workshops may be intimidating to the beginner. Opus has a great selection of instructional books, but now there is... Read More

Know Your Whites

Do you always know which white to work with? White paint goes by many names, and each has different properties. Fortunately, there are only three main types you really need to know. Titanium White is the most in-demand colour of... Read More

White Contemporary Frames

Framing with a white frame, instead of the traditional black frame, is a growing trend that has been driven by professional photographers whose work can be found in major galleries locally and abroad. Artists and photographers increasingly prefer white frames... Read More

Does The Cheaper Show Work for Artists?

How much time do you invest in the creation of an artwork? What is an average cost of the materials you use in a work you create? And what kind of time investment is required to obtain the materials you... Read More