Month: March 2011

EP!C: The Vancouver Sun Sustainable Living Expo

Getting Kids Excited About Sustainability: EPIC and Opus Team Up in the Name of Art and the Environment Today’s children have a crucial role to play in a sustainable future. The next generation is certainly part of the solution to... Read More

Make It Vancouver

Another Make It is just around the corner at The Croatian Cultural Centre April 15th–17th! This will be our 5th show in Vancouver and also mark our 2 year anniversary. What sets Make It apart from a traditional craft show... Read More

Acrylics Best Practices

Artists are in a tricky spot. While we prefer archival quality materials that last with minimal degradation, we also want to minimize the environmental impact from our craft. While acrylic paints are convenient to clean, they often leave the painter... Read More

Help ecojot GIVE

In 2007, Mark Gavin, one of the founder’s and his sister, ecojot designer Carolyn Gavin, created green stationery that are printed and made in Canada. ecojot is more then an eco-friendly stationery company, we are committed to giving back one... Read More

Robert Bateman Get To Know Contest

To all the young artists, here’s a chance to show your talent, earn some prizes, and get recognized! This year, renowned wildlife artist Robert Bateman plans to invite Canadian youth to go outside and “get to know” their wild neighbours.... Read More

Artist Trading Cards: Trading More Than Art

Collecting art can be an expensive hobby, but Artist Trading Cards make it fun and affordable. Since Artist Trading Cards are traded by the original artists and not sold, artists only trade with other artists, and they must each create... Read More

Digital Pros And Cons

Google Art Project It sometimes feels to me as though many of us have entered into a lifestyle resembling a collective multiple personality disorder. While our bodies exist full time in the real world, our minds are increasingly engaged with... Read More