Month: August 2010

34th Annual Powell Street Festival

From sumo wrestling to ikebana, tea ceremonies to screaming contests, takoyaki (octopus balls) to Japanese pop music, the 34th Annual Powell Street Festival offered something for everyone! The Powell Street Festival is the largest Japanese Canadian festival in Canada and... Read More

Vancouver Art Guild Scholarship Awards

Marchel B. Eang of Lord Byng Secondary, Charlotte Lee, of Prince of Wales Secondary and Diane Quach of Windermere Secondary are the 2010 recipients of the Vancouver Art Guild and Opus Scholarship Award. Each year the Vancouver Art Guild provides... Read More

12×12: Do you remember how to take a good photo?

If you only had one shot to capture “Loud,” what would you take a photo of? In Jason Strelaeff’s interpretation, the silent screech emanating from two welders on a construction site resonated on film. What if you had a go... Read More

Vancouver International Fringe Festival

Gorge yourself on “All You Can Eat Theatre” at the Vancouver International Fringe Festival! With over 600 performances from 83 shows in this year’s festival, the Fringe has more theatre samplings than you can shake a fork at. The Fringe... Read More

Professional Development for Artists Workshops at Burnaby Art Gallery

Workshop Series | Fall 2010-Winter 2011 Burnaby Art Gallery, in partnership with CARFAC BC, has designed and subsidized a series of workshops for visual artists as part of both associations’ commitment to supporting the artists in the community. These 5... Read More

Gamblin Torrit Grey: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Make Great Art

If you took all the pigments in the colour spectrum and mixed them together, what colour would you make? Every spring, to celebrate Earth Day, the paintmakers at Gamblin Artists Colours clean their Torit® Air Filtration system and collect all... Read More

Celebrating British Columbia’s Unique Cultural Footprints

BC CULTURAL CRAWL, AUGUST 1–31, 2010 Every community has its own unique cultural footprint. Just as every piece of art is unique, every community across BC presents a different set of experiences in August. It’s with this in mind that... Read More

Selling in the US Made Easy

“Making it” in the United States has always been a kind of ultimate test for many professionals including visual artists, but the process of setting up your practice to accommodate international sales prevents many Canadian visual artists from even considering... Read More