Month: May 2010

Plein Air BC

Plein Air BC is a website to bring the plein air artists of BC together for planned or impromptu paint outs. You can find Plein Air BC at “I couldn’t find other artists to paint with in my area... Read More

Art Kits @ Opus

Located on Granville Island for more than 30 years, Arts Umbrella has grown from a dream of a few young and artistic parents to a highly respected model for children’s arts organizations around the world. Arts Umbrella ignites a lasting... Read More

VFS Digital Design

Digital Design at Vancouver Film School. Maybe not the first thing you think of when you hear “design school”. Hey, that’s okay, because there are advantages to being small. It’s what makes us different. It’s what lets us offer a... Read More

Welcome to our new design!

We’re excited to be moving to the new design of our website today. A number of factors went in to the decision to do this, but primary among them was making information on our website more readable. As a bonus:... Read More

Drawn / Artists and Drawings / 2010

“Drawing is under-appreciated,” says Lynn Ruscheinsky, an art history professor who teaches courses in indigenous and contemporary art at Langara College and Emily Carr University. “Artists throughout history have long understood the value and importance of this medium, yet the... Read More

Creating an Art News Community Profile

Your Art News Community Profile (what we call your “Art News login”) allows you to post Art News and to keep track of the comments and posts you’ve made on our site. In the future, we hope to introduce more... Read More

You can now post Art News!

Yes, it’s true – no more emailing us, or using our old submit form. By creating an Art News Community Profile with us, you gain access to some new abilities to interact with our website. One of those abilities is... Read More

Yours, mine or ours?

I met Bill Horne as a result of my interest in CARFAC. Bill was head of the BC branch of CARFAC when we met and we have maintained a professional relationship for many years. He wrote to me to propose... Read More