Month: March 2010

Showcase of Art 2010

As our population ages, there are more and more seniors doing art, and they have a lot to contribute. The Juan De Fuca 55+ Centre in Colwood, BC, is presenting Showcase of Art, a fine illustration of all the creative... Read More

With Glowing Hearts

Well, it’s over now. The sporting/cultural/souvenir-buying frenzy known as the 2010 Winter Olympics has passed through and it certainly was quite an adventure. For the past year, Animal Mother Films, a Vancouver-based production company, has been hard at work documenting... Read More

Fresh from the Studio And into your home!

The Blackberry Artist’s Society (BAS) is a group of artists who really know the benefits of being part of a cooperative. Since its beginning in 1997, the society has grown from just a couple of members to over 30 artists,... Read More

the BALCONY gallery

It’s always great to see new and innovative ways to display artwork. What intrigued us here at Opus about this project in Victoria was the unique gallery space, a balcony, located in an industrial area. As an alternative to a... Read More

I’ll Show You Mine…

Your assignment, should you wish to accept it, is as follows: #1 Create an inventory of twenty things that you have put “on display” in your home – that is, things that you have expressly made visible for guests to... Read More