Month: November 2009

Still Creek Enhancement Project and the story of Bucky

Bucky is the plush toy mascot of Opus’ Mail Order department. We thought we’d share the story of how Bucky came to join us as it shows a little bit of the endearing personality our staff bring to their jobs.... Read More

Art News Alert: Urgent Arts Advocacy Appeal

Dear Friends & Colleagues Your Alliance for Arts and Culture in Vancouver, BC is launching a Creativity Counts: Restore Arts Funding Now campaign as our contribution to the groundswell of arts community protest against the devastating cuts in provincial arts... Read More

This just in – Chemists Produce a New Blue!

This is amazing, chemists at Oregon State University made a NEW blue pigment by mistake. Click here to read the full article.

Christmas is a’ Comin’ and the Cards are in the Mail

It’s a little known fact that Tim Cratchett actually said: “God help us every one!” That’s because he couldn’t just go to the local supermarket or card store or other handy dandy location and buy Christmas cards. He had to... Read More

Are You an Exhibitionist?

I’ve never heard of an artist uninterested in exhibiting. I know of artists who have declined invitations to show at a specific time or venue, but never of an artist who has “retired” from exhibiting. Lately, however, I have been... Read More

Digitizing Yourself: Golden Digital Mediums Project

When our department decided we should do a self-portrait as a project where we could learn about art supplies we hadn’t tried, I jumped at the chance to use some of the new Golden Digital Mediums as part of the... Read More

Student Art Exhibition at Circle Craft

The Student Art Exhibition will officially kick off the 36th Annual Circle Craft Christmas Market on Wednesday, November 11th and be on display through Sunday, November 15th, 2009. This display is an exciting showcase celebrating student creativity and featuring over... Read More

Fashion as Photography

As I was sitting in the laundromat a few weeks ago and biding my time until the dryer was finished, I picked up a pretty recent copy of a fashion magazine that was just laying about for people to read.... Read More

Eastside Culture Crawl

Welcome to the 13th Annual Eastside Culture Crawl! In this annual celebration, artists open their studio doors to the public. Each year, people get out their walking shoes, head to the heart of the Eastside, and choose which of the... Read More

Make It

Wondering where to find the coolest, hippest handmade gifts for everyone on your holiday list? Do you want to support talented Canadian artisans and designers instead of huge multinational chains? Would you rather listen to the hottest DJs rather than... Read More

Who is your favourite artist?

I was having coffee with a friend of mine the other day, and as I was sipping my foam from my Americano Misto, he blurted out, so who would you consider to be your favourite artist? I responded “of all... Read More

The Art Studios’ Winter Sale and Silent Auction

Get ready! The Art Studios – Annual Winter Sale and Silent Auction happens soon! On November 26th – come visit us at The Heritage Hall on Main and 15th, from 12pm-8pm. Amazing creativity by our members’ again produces art cards,... Read More

Not an Open and Shut Case? An Exciting New Paint from Golden

In all the time that I have spent helping people with their questions about art materials, one of the most commonly asked questions about acrylic paints is “How do you stop them from drying so fast?” Well cue the trumpet... Read More