Month: June 2009

Public Governance

When I was a teenager, I witnessed the hijacking of a hospital. For most of my life my mother lived peacefully and well cared for in a residential facility administered by the hospital next door. Her life was unsettled one... Read More

Gift to Cuban Artists

While attending a conference at the University of Pinar del Rio in Cuba I was fortunate to meet two artists with international reputations. In a country hit by extreme hardship these artists not only maintain high levels of creativity, they... Read More

FCA in the Okanagan

“I’ll give a first prize of $2,008 for such a show” ‚Äì and with these words, a barely-known acquaintance became the anonymous patron of Art Visions 2008. That was 2 years ago; now the Annual National Art Visions Exhibition and... Read More

Tips on Keeping a Sketchbook

Here are some ideas Ken O’Connell uses with his students to help newcomers and veterans in creating a sketchbook: Feel guilty if you haven’t made a mark in your book in seven days. We spend a lot of time trying... Read More

Britannia Legacy Mural Project

The Britannia Gym “C” Legacy mural is being designed and painted by students of the school and volunteers from the community. The resulting work, completed and installed in the spring of 2009, will add a colourful and dynamic facet to... Read More

The Grand Prix d’Art in Qualicum Beach

Let’s get artists out of their studios and onto the streets. The Old School House Arts Centre (TOSH) at 122 Fern Road West in Qualicum Beach does just that once a year (Saturday, July 25, 2009) to the great enjoyment... Read More

Marketing Brilliance

I met artist Gary Sim through Emily Carr University ( and I think his recent “Salon” was a very good one. Here is Gary in his own words (edited for brevity): “It was actually quite a complex affair, thrown together... Read More

Moral Rights of Artists

I was born an arts advocate. The arts have been a huge part of my life since I could walk and talk. At first, my focus as an advocate was the general public. As the managing director of one of... Read More