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Staff Picks: Our Favourite Art Supplies

Opus Staff share the art materials and tools they love working with in their art practices!

We all have those favourite materials and tools that are a pleasure to work with but have you ever stopped to wonder why they are so special to you? We posed this question to some of the staff at Opus and the responses were as varied as materials chosen as their favourites.

Watch the video, get inspired, and share your picks below!

Staff Picks in order of appearance:

Siobhan’s pick is Golden Artist Fluid Acrylics

Jeri’s pick is Canson Fanboy Pre-lined Comic Book Art Boards

Indigo’s pick is Acrylic Paint

Marsha’s pick is Gold Leaf

Ann’s pick is Opus’ Paint & Peel Palette

Dallas’ pick is Cretacolor Fine Art Pencil Set

Heidi’s pick is Amazing Mold Putty

Travis’ pick is Speed Superglue Thin Adhesive

Eri’s pick is Sculpey III

Brianne’s pick is Pentel Pocket Brush Pen

Laura’s pick is Holbein Acryla Gouache

Adrian’s pick is Iwata Airbrush Series

Steven’s pick is Artograph LightPad

Ben’s pick is Liquitex Acrylic Inks

Heather’s pick is Gedeo Crystal Resin

Pierre’s pick is Gamblin Wax Medium

Novi’s pick is Opus Finest Watercolour Paper

Trevor’s pick is Digital Prints

What’s your favourite? Share your pick below!


My favorite product is working on Yupo Paper. It's a surprise every time.


Love this video! You guys have a very attractive staff ;)
My favorite product is Prismacolor Double Ended Art Markers. I work in digital a lot and I think Prismacolors are the closest traditional analog to digital painting. I love bold colours!

My favourite product is any frame I find in your discount, one of a kind, frame bin. I have had some great luck lately in finding the perfect frame for a commissioned art piece. Makes me, and my customer, happy with the look and the price.
Great video. Nice to see some familiar faces and their product picks.

My favorite product is the whole dammm store and everyone and everything in it!! lol! Absolutely love ART in any medium ..the creativity the color ...the music...................ahhhhhhhh the SOUL!

The best amongst these staff picks are Canvas Prints. Attractive and really worth the payment.Now I know hat to look for When I go to Buy Canvas Prints for my room.

My favorite product is the Digital Printing Service because I deal with photography and this technique leads to overtime work and high quality.