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Art Educator's Corner

Our goal is to help our community and our customers thrive and develop in all that they do. As a result, we have always maintained a passionate focus for developing the arts & culture in our community. We believe that art education helps to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, which leads to a healthier and more productive society for us all.

In lieu of this goal, we recognize that teachers in the field of art represent an extraordinary group of hard-working individuals who we can work with to facilitate development of the visual arts. As such, from day one, we have created programs which are focused on meeting the needs of art educators and organizations that teach visual arts.

One of the most important programs we offer is a long-term partnership with the British Columbia Art Teacher's Association (BCATA). Our partnership provides members with an exclusive discount which they can use for their professional development. If you are at teacher who is interested in this, please visit their website at http://psas.bctf.ca/BCATA/ or telephone the British Columbia Teacher's Federation at 604-871-2283 or 1-800-663-9163 toll free. Another aspect of our support for the BCATA is to provide ongoing support for their annual conference in the form of donations and in-kind initiatives.


  • Art Education & School Account Services: a discount for schools with art education programs
  • Community Support & Donations Program: donations and publicity opportunities for non-profit art events & initiatives
  • Community Workshops & Classes: a FREE online database of classes and workshops
  • Artist & Store Demonstrations: learn from local artists and professionals about techniques, materials & ideas
  • How-to Library: FREE downloadable materials designed to help teach you about art materials and how to use them
  • Opus Visual Arts Newsletter: includes opinions, articles and art news events happening in the local art community

If you have a question about any of our services for Art Educators, we encourage you to ask at any of our stores or contact us by email at either info@opusartsupplies.com or sales@opusartsupplies.com