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Oil Painting Techniques: Glaze & Cold Wax Medium

Pierre Giroux from Opus Granville Island continues to perfect the painting he began in his previous video, Introduction to Oil Painting. In this informative How-To video, Pierre demonstrates how you can enhance your underpainting using glazes and cold wax medium techniques, adding texture and visual depth.

Watch the video to see Pierre’s process and the final results!

Materials as shown in this video:
Opus Essential Oil Colours
Gamblin Cold Wax Medium
Opus Organic Linseed Oil
Opus Custom Stretched Phoenix Linen Canvas
Gamblin Artist’s Oil Colors
Stevenson Oils
Gamblin Gamsol
Gamblin Galkyd
Glass Palette
Opus Golden Wash Brush
Opus Mezzo Brushes
Opus Legato Brushes
Windsor & Newton Artist’s Oil Brushes
Liquitex Painting Knives


Wonderful video & very pleasant delivery - interesting to hear Pierre's use of cold wax. It's an exceptional event when one can watch an artist work & hear his technique and rational of/for this techniques. Thank you Pierre! Please continue to make more videos! Wish i'd been at the Opus shop when you were painting and filming. I've used cold wax for a while & will now adapt my use to incorporate some of Pierre's info. Wholly agree on the use of board!

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