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susanna ruebsaat

Image Maker
BFA, T.Ed, qualified teacher and art therapist, MA, PhD

Susanna Ruebsaat has done extensive research in the process of image making in the capacities of artist, art therapist and art educator. Her primary focus is the relationship between image and image-maker through the process of making art, and encouraging the development of insight through this relationship. She incorporates a Jungian and Depth approach that allows for the archetypal perspective to frame the process.

Susanna’s training in art, education, Depth Psychology and mythology support her research as well as her direct work with students and clients. Susanna has a BFA, Teaching Certificate, Graduate Diploma in Art Therapy, Masters and PhD in Arts-based Inquiry. Her doctoral research was in the area of mythopoetics:

Mythopoetic Inquiry tracks a narrative of the imagination which creates an alternate story to the dominant story (individually or collectively). We create the story as we are living it; writing the narrative at the same time as we are reading it to ourselves and the world; creating a vision while seeing; an imaginative vision about what is and what can be. This method of inquiry is premised on the basic function of the unconscious presenting itself in consciousness in the form of image."

Susanna has developed classes and workshops that incorporate a mythopoetic approach combining art making, narrative and fairy tale as vehicles for the embodiment of unconscious material to be contemplated. hese sessions have been a natural outcome of her doctoral research: "Mourning the Dream/Amor Fati, A Mythopoetic Inquiry" which is in the process of being published as a book.

Prior to this, Susanna has written two theses and numerous articles on the primary role of image in the human psyche, and how the process of art making accesses this creative core. Susanna has a private practice as an art therapist in Victoria offering private and group sessions. See www.inner-image.ca sgruebsa@lynx.net

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