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Nancy Crawford

Personal Renaissance

Passion and creativity colour every aspect of Nancy’s life, her relationships, her service as a teacher and coach, her expressions as an artist, writer and public speaker. For over two decades her work has focused on the creative process, drawing and painting, encaustic work, photography, art history, and the life lessons that have evolved from those studies.

Nancy earned her masters degree from the University of British Columbia, and also studied at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. While studying in Italy Nancy focused on the drawing techniques of the Italian masters and Renaissance art history. After living in Italy she found herself permanently smitten with Italian culture and was captivated by the history and connections with the ancient world, the intimate landscape, the intoxicating tastes and the powerful artistic expressions.

Nancy continues to travel to Italy and other global destinations to pursue her own art-making, continue her ongoing research, and lead groups on “Creative Excursions”. Nancy currently resides in Langley, British Columbia, Canada with her husband Konrad Breuers.

Please visit www.nancycrawfordartist.com for more information and to see Nancy's extensive portfolio.

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