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:iving in the Dream, Living Symbolically

Instructor: susanna ruebsaat
Location(s): Victoria
Topic(s): Mixed/Other Media
April 16, 2017

From inside the dream we see the way the dream does, that is, Psyche’s or the soul’s perspective of what’s going on. From inside the image we see the way the image sees; we shape-shift and enter other states of consciousness, realms that exist outside or beyond consensus reality.

Through the marks that come through our own bodies, as they engage the body of the art materials, we plot a path into the imaginal, into the dreambody.

Supply List: 
  • matereials supplied including tea
Registration Details: 

1:00-4:30 @ Studio 556 (556 Toronto St. Victoria)
Call 778-433-8354 or email: sgruebsa@lynx.net to register