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Learn cost-free promotional tools

Instructor: The Artist's Journal -- BC's Calls for Entry
Topic(s): Art Business / Professional Development
March 16, 2017 - March 16, 2030

Along with social media, the print media (newspaper, magazines, etc.) is also a cost-free way for art groups or individual artists to get more exposure. And it reaches those who do not use social media!

But you need to know how to do it, to ensure your news will be published.

Eve Lees is a former newspaper editor, a Graphic Designer, and currently the editor of The Artist’s Journal (a BC-wide Calls for Entry publication). She shares her 40 years of training and experience in the publishing industry teaching others how to contact the print media or “news media.” Lees has designed a presentation explaining how to take advantage of this free exposure.

As an editor, Lees says she often has to track down vital information missing from submitted news items. And she’s had to reformat or completely retype many of them. “It’s frustrating when I’m strapped for time,” she says.

Lees explains publications prefer the convenience of “ready to publish” copy. She says, “Sending a colourful jpg poster, or a fancy-looking news submission, creates more work for a busy deadline-stressed editor and that may result in your news item being put aside.”

Fortunately, The Artist’s Journal will publish all art news submitted, regardless of the work it may take, but that’s because ‘art news’ is the publication’s priority. However, Lees is concerned these poorly-formatted news items are also being sent to other publications where art news is not a priority. These may be larger publications where editors have little time and patience to reformat it or find missing information. Therefore, the news item may not be published.

Lees offers her 1.5-hour presentation to Art Clubs and other organizations, as well as individual artists or small groups. The presentation explains the proper format to contact the news media (and why), the information it must include, and who to send it to. You’ll also learn lots of publishing and graphic design tips and tricks to effectively get your news out to the public (including tips to design your own logo -- and subliminal tips on poster design, to catch a viewer’s attention). This knowledge is essential if you are an individual artist, an organization, a business, or anyone wanting effective exposure for what they offer.

Contact Eve Lees for more detail and the rates, at 604-531-8643 or evelees@telus.net (There is a link to the rates on the website.)

To learn more about The Artist’s Journal visit www.artnews-healthnews.com/artists-journal

No prerequisites required.
Supply List: 
  • Handouts provided, but pen and notebook suggested.
Special Instructions: 
The Presentation is designed for large groups or individuals/small groups. Individual or small group session if done by Skype must pay the Presentation Fee before the session.
Registration Details: 

Contact Eve for a detailed Presentation Proposal: 604-531-8643 or evelees@telus.net
NOTE: Eve Lives in Surrey and prefers to do presentations within the Greater Vancouver area. However, other areas in BC can be accommodated (and Skype is also a long-distance option for individuals or small groups).