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Opus Videos

Our Opus Video Library has over 100 videos filmed with local artists offering both art instruction in our how-to videos and a glimpse into their studios and process in our mini-documentaries.

You'll also get glimpses into Opus-led and creative community events, as well as information on Opus-brand products and services to help you take your art practice further.

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  • Practice Makes Perfect

    Don't try to find the time to make art - just do it! Even if it's during your Tea Time.

    Our second video prompt for this month's Opus Daily Practice Challenge features artist, and Opus Granville Island staff member, Tristan Noone. Tristan has been creating art his whole life, but after a 2 year hiatus, he found it very difficult to get back into the habit of creating daily. He had to teach himself how to "practice art" again instead of toiling over a piece trying to create that perfect line.

    Watch Practice Makes Perfect with Tristan Noone above to see our prompt: Tea Time drawn right before your eyes! Plus find out more about Tristan and how he uses daily drawing exercises to keep his hands in practice....Read more

  • Ola Volo: Illustrator & Mural Artist

    Put the focus on YOUR artwork with inspiration from Ola Volo!

    This full-time illustrator and mural artist shares how she creates her folklore-inspired art. Watch as she gives you an insider's look at her illustration process and how she extends that vision to create one of her signature murals, an adventurous piece that reflects the spirit of one her clients, Open Road Volkswagen....Read more

  • Introduction to Acrylic Pouring

    Get your recipe books ready and start cooking up your own unique acrylic pours!...Read more

  • Urban Sketching Techniques

    Let your surroundings be the inspiration to tell your own watercolour story!...Read more

  • Just Practice

    Join artist and Opus Daily Practice participant Sharon Leung for an afternoon painting pandas in the park!

    Sharon has always been creative, but she started getting back into daily practice thanks to our challenge. Between the daily prompts for inspiration and a creative community that embraced her via social media, Sharon is evolving her skills and making some cute pandas while she's at it.

    Watch Just Practice with Sharon Leung and get inspired by her experience in taking on a daily practice. Need a place to start? Join our Opus Daily Practice this Feb 1 - 28 and join us in making art a solid part of our daily routines!...Read more

  • Oil Techniques: Painting en Plein Air

    What makes your heart skip a beat and say, "I have to paint this!"? Every painter is searching for the magic — that special something that compels you to bring a subject to life with a brush and canvas.

    Sheree Jones shares some of the techniques she employs to capture that magic while painting in oils en plein air in the Opus video, Oil Techniques: Painting en Plein Air. Learn how starting with a value sketch compensates for changing light, how not painting all details can invite the viewer to explore a part of the painting, and more!...Read more

  • How to Varnish an Acrylic Painting

    Keep your artwork looking as good as the day it was completed by learning how to apply a varnish layer!...Read more

  • Charles van Sandwyk: Illustrator, Writer, Wanderer

    You are invited to peek into the whimsical, magical world of Charles van Sandwyk, sitting down by the fire to be inspired by his love of storytelling!

    We visited this beloved artist and author to discover how illustration, etching, watercolour, and book-binding by hand play into his work. See his process come alive as Charles transports you to his magical home studio in North Vancouver, where elves, fairies, and woodland creatures are conjured up to impart ancient lessons from the tales of old....Read more

  • Score, Fold, Stitch: Designing Your Own Sketchbook

    To watch Score, Fold, Stitch on our YouTube Channel, click here.

    Score, fold and stitch the way to your own handmade sketchbook!

    Join Nadine Werner, master bookbinder, paper artist, and designer for Paper-Oh Notebooks, as she demonstrates some of the easy techniques she uses for creating sketchbooks with glue free bindings. Whether you work in graphite, watercolour, or a variety of mediums, designing your own personalized sketchbook is a fun way to make something that can meet your specific needs....Read more

  • Face Painting with Snazaroo

    Looking for Halloween ideas? Get inspired to put your brushwork and blending skills on display by creating a stunning face-painting work of art to enhance your Halloween look this year....Read more