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  • How To: Introduction to Oil Painting

    Pierre Giroux from Opus Granville Island demonstrates how you can use your oil paints to produce stunning results with depth and clarity. He shares his approach, techniques, and preferred materials in this informative Opus How-To Video.

    Watch the video to see Pierre’s process and the final results!...Read more

  • Animated Imagination with Jeff Chiba Stearns

    Jeff Chiba Stearns is a Vancouver based, multi award-winning animation and documentary filmmaker. His love of pen, paper, and story is the driving force behind his creative pursuits as he continually strives to inspire others to create. Known for his award-winning animated short Yellow Sticky Notes, Jeff pushed his creative boundaries as an animator when he took upon the task of animating the whole film on Post-It notes. ...Read more

  • Staff Picks: Our Favourite Art Supplies

    Opus Staff share the art materials and tools they love working with in their art practices!

    We all have those favourite materials and tools that are a pleasure to work with but have you ever stopped to wonder why they are so special to you? We posed this question to some of the staff at Opus and the responses were as varied as materials chosen as their favourites.

    Watch the video, get inspired, and share your picks below!...Read more

  • Studio Easels at Opus

    Nicoli Moir, from Opus Art Supplies in Langley BC, highlights the features and benefits of some of our favourite Studio Easels in six quick and informative videos.

    Whether you’re wanting to expand your practice by working larger, diving into the realm of mixed media, or simply wish to paint on a sturdy surface, one of these easels will surely meet your needs!

    Watch the videos below or click on the links to watch them in our online store to also view detailed information about each easel.

    Richeson Lyptus Wood Sante Fe II Easel (see video above) ...Read more

  • Dream Studio with Alan Wylie

    Alan Wylie (CSPWC, AWS DF, SFCA, NWWS, CIPA, CWA, LWS) has had a long journey in his painting career to obtain the status and studio he has now. From painting in an old chicken coup, to a garage in the middle of winter with socks on his hands, to working in dark basements and kitchen tables; Alan has weathered it all in his quest to obtain a fulfilling career in painting.

    After working in these challenging spaces, Alan was finally able to build his dream studio at his current home in historic Fort Langley. Watch Dream Studio for an exclusive look inside his work space as he shares his story and insights into his practice. ...Read more

  • How-To: Introduction to Screen Printing

    With preparation and quality materials, screen printing can be easy as pie! Marsha Arbour, Manager of Opus Art Supplies in Victoria, reveals the step-by-step techniques for creating a simple 3-colour screen print with stencils....Read more

  • The Printers’ Mark

    Joey MacDonald is one of the directors of the Olio Artists & Workers Cooperative, a printmaking cooperative established in 2007. As a graphic designer, Joey found his influence in his passion for screen-printing and music. Watch the video above to see all of the Olio’s facilities and the screen-printing process in action!

    Read the full exclusive article below for more insight into the screen-printing process....Read more

  • How To: Introduction to Illustration

    Alison Woodward from Opus Downtown Vancouver illustrates how you can draw on your imagination, rendering it on the page in washes of ink and watercolour. She shares her approach, techniques, and preferred materials in this informative Opus How-To Video.

    When learning how to illustrate with ink and watercolour one of the most important things to consider is the paper that you are using. If you use a lower grade paper, the time it will take for your mediums to dry will be lengthy to say the least. That’s why we chose to use our newest high end watercolour paper for this demonstration. Opus Finest Watercolour Paper meets all the needs for even the most discerning watercolourist.

    Watch the video to see the process and the final results!...Read more

  • How-To: Resin Transfer (Beyond the JPEG)

    Inkjet film and epoxy resin can create an impressive photo transfer and perhaps add a new element to your artwork. Chris Hamilton from the Opus location on Granville Island found this great technique while preparing samples for a Beyond the JPEG presentation. In this informative how-to video, he demonstrates how to transfer an image created on the computer to a cradled panel, bringing digital artwork into the real world....Read more

  • Sharing Studios

    Vancouver illustrator Leah Schell and graphic designer husband Steve Monteith of Abundant Sink Creative not only share their lives together but their studio space as well. Watch Sharing Studios and see how they find inspiration within one another’s work, then read more about Leah’s illustration practice in the article The Wonderful World of Illustration below....Read more