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Artist Interview: Camilla d'Errico

Opus visited Camilla d'Errico's studio recently and spoke with her about about her creative process, how her work has been translated into merchandise, and how her marketing efforts help her in the business of art.

Camilla discusses the steps she takes in creating a painting using the example of one of her latest, Zebramilk, which is at Ayden Gallery this week in Vancouver. The original Zebramilk painting is on display until Thursday, December 16th, in addition to prints, the 3rd edition of Camilla's comic Tanpopo, jewelry, t-shirts, and more.


I love your work!! SO amazing! I would love to create what you have! :D You are a huge role model.

I'm a huge fan of Camilla's work! I first found about it in a gallery in Tinseltown and it gave me hope on Vancouver's artist comunity. Before I used to think that most artists just did paintings about totem poles and forests like Emily Carr (which to be honest I find very boring), but Camilla is amazing!