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  • Painting with Acrylics: Liquitex Muted Colors

    Discover how using muted colours can make your sunny colours sing!...Read more

  • Painting with Acrylics: Liquitex Intermixability

    Discover the power of Liquitex Intermixability by combining spray paint, ink and acrylic paint to create layers of depth and radiance in your artwork!...Read more

  • Art in the Garden

    View an extraordinary garden from the perspective of a child and be whisked away into a magical wonderland full of flowers, fruits, fun and art!...Read more

  • Poetry with Paper featuring Tara Galuska

    Journey into a whimsical world of paper with artist and illustrator, Tara Galuska....Read more

  • Painting with Gouache en Plein Air feat. Bryan Coombes

    Watch as watermedia takes flight! Go on a trip with Bryan Coombes, as he captures seaplanes in Vancouver's Coal Harbour....Read more

  • Urban Sketching Techniques

    Experience your surroundings in a new way through washes of watercolour and ink!...Read more

  • Where Will Your Sketchbook Take You?

    Where will your sketchbook take you?

    Your sketchbook has become your companion, always in your bag or under your arm. From your morning coffee to traveling home from work, an artist's sketchbook is home to multiple mediums and countless memories.

    These memories create inspiration. They spur the artist further as they play with concepts for pieces or as a source of entertainment to help pass the time on their travels. Your sketchbook was there with you when you drove down the coastline with your family, that morning you got stuck in traffic, and during the most unexpected rushes of inspiration....Read more

  • Drawn Out: 365 Days of Drawing

    In planes, trains, and automobiles, visual artist Michael Markowsky traverses the landscape to find new and interesting locations in which to create. He has painted in the Arctic tundra, in the bed of a moving truck, and even in a CF-18 fighter plane! This constant change of scenery is all done in the pursuit of challenging his artistic process to gain new insights and ways of working....Read more

  • Exploring New Territory with Sarah Clement

    Vancouver-based artist and illustrator Sarah Clement has been inspired by nature and the world around her for as long as she can remember. Her whimsical and detailed illustrations mix the colourful freedom of ink with the more structured lines of cut-paper, producing artwork that is uniquely her own....Read more

  • Just Practice

    Vancouver-based visual artist Kyrra Kosar gorgeously illustrates the world around her. From working on old fax machine paper as a child to using professional art materials today, she uses a broad variety of media to beautifully render the creatures and animals in her artwork.

    Kyrra has participated in both the 2015 and 2016 Opus Daily Practice Challenges. Although she still feels a bit hesitant in sharing her art, she embraces the feedback she receives, using it as a source of motivation to bolster her commitment and keep her on track.

    Watch this Opus Downtown Vancouver staff member in her video above and find out how she overcame a 3–year streak of painter’s block. Everyone has something inside of them that they need to express – so dig deep within yourself and unearth what it is that you want to communicate with the world through your art!...Read more