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Product Q&A

  • Not-so Neutral Grey

    Fine art digital print framed in a custom DIY BOD Molding and Chai mat

    The latest trend in framing sees the rise of this cool, matte shade to give a neutral impact on the work it surrounds for a stylish finish that is anything but neutral. Whether you want to let the bright colours of a painting pop or to continue the monochromatic look of black and white photographs, this versatile frame is up for the job. ...Read more

  • Dive Into Mixed Media

    What comes to mind when you think of Mixed Media? As personal definitions and methods vary, we challenged three of our staff to make their own interpretations. And like a high-pressure reality show, they had to work with a common element: a photograph of a shark. (Why a shark? Because sharks are awesome. That’s all.)...Read more

  • Refresh, Rethink, Rediscover!

    Like a blank canvas or sheet of paper, a new year holds the promise of something new and exciting. Refresh your passion for art by trying a new medium. Rethink your approach by experimenting with new techniques. Many traditional art materials have been around for hundreds of years, and evolving technology offers new ways to use them. Rethink some of the materials you use by applying them in new ways. Here are three techniques that can refresh your practice....Read more

  • New Explorations in Charcoal

    Charcoal and Stencil

    This past fall, Opus teamed up with the Continuing Studies Department at Emily Carr University of Art + Design to produce a series of videos with their instructors, including artist Vjeko Sager. Vjeko shared his love of charcoal (he confesses to being a “charcoal-holic”) and demonstrated some of his techniques, using charcoal to create large scale, abstract works that made me look at this medium in a whole new way....Read more

  • Reproducing Your Originals

    Stormy Sky, Maria Josenhans • www.mariajosenhans.com • Giclee Print on Canvas

    With the expansion of our Fine Art Digital Print Service to all six of our stores, the place of reproductions in the marketing of one’s work has come up. As artists, this is worth examining and discussing as it directly relates to our art practices and the selling of art....Read more

  • Painting Foundations: Sizes, Grounds and Acrylic Primer

    Opus Gesso

    Lay a solid groundwork for your painting with a good foundation, an important step to help your chosen medium and substrate adhere to one another and ensure the longevity of your work. Selecting the right kind and combination of foundation layers begins with the kind of support you wish to paint on and your chosen painting media....Read more

  • Cotton Prices

    Cotton is one of the world’s most diversely used fibres. All manner of textile products, from clothing and home furnishings to medical supplies and even coffee filters, contain cotton as their dominant material. In the art world, cotton is found primarily in fine art papers and canvas.

    Until late last year, the cotton supply and global demand had been roughly the same for approximately 8 years, resulting in stable prices. However, during the 2010/11 harvest, bad weather affected crops around the world. Worst hit were the major producers of cotton – China suffered drought conditions and south Asia experienced devastating floods. The result was severely reduced crops, a dramatic reduction in the global cotton supply, and the price of cotton nearly quadrupling....Read more

  • Opus Plein Air Frames

    Many artists are drawn to the outdoors to capture nature’s beauty and framing the finished piece with the right moulding honours the tradition of plein air painting and shows off the work to its best advantage.

    ...Read more