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Product Q&A

  • The Art of the Card

    Block Printing with Strathmore Cards and the Lino Cutting Three In One Baren Kit

    It seems everything on your holiday list has been completed but is it too good to be true? Have you forgotten your personalized holiday cards? Never fret. You’ll waste no time with these creative yet effective handmade card ideas....Read more

  • Artograph LED 200 Digital Art Projector

    Artograph LED 200 Digital Art Projector

    Don Dow of Artograph shows some of the amazing features of the new Digital Art Projector LED200 at the NAMTA 2010 Trade Show....Read more

  • How to: canvas offsets and how to use 'em

    Picture: hold frame and canvas together so that they are snug

    A set of step-by-step instructions for how to use offsets to mount your canvas in a front-loading canvas frame, as well as instructions for fastening your hanging hardware. For the accompanying video, click here....Read more

  • Why Choose Golden?

    Once, when I was working in the Victoria store, a shopper asked me which brand of acrylic paint she should buy. As a beginner, she was a bit leery about buying the higher priced brands, and really wanted to know if there was a good reason. As part of my explanation, I demonstrated the difference in colour and working feel by smearing, side-by-side, on a piece of paper, a dab of Phthalo Blue from a less expensive brand, and a dab of Golden Heavy Body, and really had no need to do any more explaining. She ran to the Golden rack and started grabbing.

    To sum up in words the top reasons to buy Golden Heavy Body Acrylics:...Read more

  • Make your own wrapping paper

    Let's get creative with Christmas wrapping.

    I remember as a kid wrapping prezzies in old engineering blueprints from my dad's office, and then spray painting them, taping suckers on them, gluing paper snowflake cutouts to them - aided and abetted by my mother (or was it the other way around?).

    In the intervening years, I became more blasé and did the purchased wrapping paper bit (some scavenged from the family recycled box in the basement, from when we went "green".) But now I've come full circle: the idea of more creative wrapping puts me in the seasonal mood and I get excited about giving....Read more

  • Not an Open and Shut Case? An Exciting New Paint from Golden

    Golden OPEN Acrylics

    In all the time that I have spent helping people with their questions about art materials, one of the most commonly asked questions about acrylic paints is “How do you stop them from drying so fast?”

    Well cue the trumpet fanfare! Golden Artist Colors has produced a new line of acrylic paints that dry slowly, resist forming a “skin” on the surface and can be re-activated when tacky.

    Created in 2008, and called Golden Open Acrylics, they are formulated to give you more time to work on blending, gradating, softening, fine detail, feathering and wet-in-wet techniques....Read more

  • New choices for Pina Zangaro Presentation Books

    The same great product and sleek presentation, but with an easier à-la-carte system of mixing and matching. Their new system is both flexible and convenient, allowing you to choose your preferred size and cover style. Complete the package by choosing the refill option you desire: from inkjet papers to polyprolene or polyester sheets, to adhesive strips you can attach to your artwork! Variable choices mean you can customize your presentation to best suit your needs.

    Pina Zangaro inkjet paper refills are pre-scored and drilled so that you can print on them immediately and then just insert them into your book. Made of double-sided, smooth, bright white, heavy-weight (235 gsm) matte paper, and available in packs of 25 in 5 sizes. ...Read more

  • Tips on Keeping a Sketchbook

    Here are some ideas Ken O'Connell uses with his students to help newcomers and veterans in creating a sketchbook:...Read more

    • Feel guilty if you haven't made a mark in your book in seven days. We spend a lot of time trying to avoid guilt in our lives, he says, but guilt can also be a healthy motivator. Use it.
    • Divide the page into two or three parts, so you don't feel obligated to fill the page or complete something. The worst stumbling block people have is fear of failure. The sketchbook will be full of fragments. Accept that.