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Product Q&A

  • Cotton Prices

    Cotton is one of the world’s most diversely used fibres. All manner of textile products, from clothing and home furnishings to medical supplies and even coffee filters, contain cotton as their dominant material. In the art world, cotton is found primarily in fine art papers and canvas.

    Until late last year, the cotton supply and global demand had been roughly the same for approximately 8 years, resulting in stable prices. However, during the 2010/11 harvest, bad weather affected crops around the world. Worst hit were the major producers of cotton – China suffered drought conditions and south Asia experienced devastating floods. The result was severely reduced crops, a dramatic reduction in the global cotton supply, and the price of cotton nearly quadrupling....Read more

  • Opus Plein Air Frames

    Many artists are drawn to the outdoors to capture nature’s beauty and framing the finished piece with the right moulding honours the tradition of plein air painting and shows off the work to its best advantage.

    ...Read more

  • DIY Framing at Opus

    The process of creating original artwork and photographs is a series of choices. Subject matter, media, and your chosen surface all influence the resulting piece. That process continues through to how you present and display your work. Custom do-it-yourself framing and matting is the final step that allows you to not only impact the longevity of a piece but also to influence the look and feel of the completed work. When framing at Opus, we encourage you to bring your artwork in to find the presentation solution that best suits your needs....Read more

  • Art Academy for Nintendo DS (game review)

    Art Academy for Nintendo DS

    Every artist has to start somewhere, but not everyone has the circumstances or desire to attend art school, and even small workshops may be intimidating to the beginner. Opus has a great selection of instructional books, but now there is an additional option for anyone who has ever claimed, “I’m not an artist!”...Read more

  • Know Your Whites

    Which white to work with?

    Do you always know which white to work with? White paint goes by many names, and each has different properties. Fortunately, there are only three main types you really need to know.

    Titanium White is the most in-demand colour of paint. It’s made with titanium dioxide, a widely used pigment because of its brightness and high opacity. You may even find titanium dioxide in toothpaste, sunscreen, and other consumer products....Read more

  • White Contemporary Frames

    White Kyoto Frames

    Framing with a white frame, instead of the traditional black frame, is a growing trend that has been driven by professional photographers whose work can be found in major galleries locally and abroad....Read more

  • Finish It With a Frame

    DIY framing can be daunting—and rightly so. There are many wood and metal moldings in myriad colours and styles, and several matboard and glass options from which to choose. Fortunately, Opus can help. With our selection and knowledge of materials, we are able to guide you through aesthetic possibilities and coach you to confidently do your own assembly....Read more

  • Acrylics Best Practices

    Acrylics Best Practices

    Artists are in a tricky spot. While we prefer archival quality materials that last with minimal degradation, we also want to minimize the environmental impact from our craft.

    While acrylic paints are convenient to clean, they often leave the painter with a container of dirty water, and brushes that need to be rinsed out. Pouring this waste down the drain is not the best solution for the environment, even though we may have been taught to do just that....Read more