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Product Q&A

  • From the Ground UP

    Much like building a home, creating a solid foundation for your artwork ensures the structure is well supported. Without this preparation, not only is the final look of the work potentially affected, but the foundation itself can cause and hasten its breakdown.

    In painting, a carefully prepared surface helps seal the support material from the paint layers, ensuring that issues of support induced discoloration (from the natural acids found in wood stretchers and surfaces) or possible canvas rot do not eventually effect the look of the finished work or its structural integrity. A well prepared surface also helps your chosen medium bond well to the substrate beneath it and prevents unnecessary loss of paint through absorption into the substrate material.

    Selecting the right type and combination of foundation layers begins with the your personal preference of the kind of support you wish to paint and your painting media. Time spent in preparation can be the difference between your painting lasting decades or centuries. Continue reading for a primer in surface preparation and visit your local Opus for assistance in choosing the right combination for your next piece....Read more

  • The Art of the Frame - Opus Frames for works on Canvas

    The heart of our framing philosophy at Opus to offer simple, elegant, and economical options that enhance the look and value of any work of art.

    Our frames beautifully feature your works of art on canvas and canvas prints with clean lines that add presence, frame construction that provides protection, and a value that lives on and on. Read on to learn more about our selection of frames found only at Opus....Read more

  • Build on Your Basics

    Can you say with confidence you’ve got the right colour palette to realize your creative vision? Do you know using a professional grade paint can result in a cost savings? A fresh new year calls for a refresher in the fundamentals of paint!...Read more

  • Sharing Works

    Send a message that is sure to get a stamp of approval! Begin with blank greeting cards and create multiple images using your favourite media and techniques - hand-pulled prints, creative photography, one-off watercolour creations - and greet the world with your art in folded form....Read more

  • To Frame or not to Frame?

    “Art consists of limitation. The most beautiful part of every picture is the frame.” — G.K. Chesterton. If that were true, what is driving the popularity of unframed mounting and canvas wraps?

    Conventionally, framing protects and enhances artwork. Proper framing of your artwork will ensure it has a long life free from damage that can be caused by touch, light, insects, moisture and movement. For an artist, a framed piece of artwork also increases its perceived value. Many galleries still request submissions for exhibitions to be framed. A frame separates the art from its surrounding space. Frank Zappa once said, “without this humble appliance, you can’t know where the art stops and the real world begins.”...Read more

  • Solvent-Free Oil Painting

    Cobra Water Mixable Oils

    Health and safety is a major concern for artists, and many people avoid painting with oils to avoid complications. Solvents, even odourless mineral spirits, require sufficient ventilation. The fumes can be irritating and are toxic, with some artists intolerant to them. However, oil painting can be done without using any solvents at all....Read more

  • Making the Stretch

    Selection of canvas and linen

    DIY and Custom Canvas

    The history of bespoke canvas, stretching your own, and using the Opus Custom Stretched Canvas Service to create a surface tailored to your specifications. ...Read more

  • Using Yupo

    Watercolour on Yupo by Vi Wawrykow.

    A synthetic paper that garners unique results. Three artists discuss using traditional media on this contemporary, 21st century surface for exciting and unpredictable results.

    Browse through the paper drawers at Opus and you may discover a smooth, matte paper unlike any you’ve used before. Made of 100% recyclable polypropylene, Yupo Synthetic Paper is a dimensionally stable, tree-free paper with a neutral pH. Its ultra smooth, bright white surface has a unique look that reflects light, keeping colours vivid....Read more