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Intermixability with Acrylics with Kimberly Parker

Downtown Vancouver
Sat, April 22, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Kimberly will demonstrate how to use a combination of acrylic paints, from spray paint to heavy body acrylic, to build depth and create a dynamic composition.

Highlighting the versatility and intermixability of Liquitex Acrylic and Inks, Kimberly will teach you techniques for quickly blocking in a dynamic base layer using spray paint, knowing when to use soft and heavy body acrylics, building up details using a fan brush, and using ink washes to add depth and focus to your paintings.

Kim will also speak about how to create depth and radiance in a painting by combining acrylic paints with various consistencies.

For an insight into Kimberly’s work and the demo she will be presenting, watch the Opus Video, Painting with Acrylics: Liquitex Intermixability

Kimberly Parker is a Vancouver based artist specializing in concept art and illustration. She graduated from the Illustration program at Emily Carr University. Kimberly is very active in the arts community- she serves as the Co-Director of Rain City Illustration and runs the East Van Art Collective.


Intermixability with Acrylics
Intermixability with Acrylics