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Create Powerful Experiences for Your Viewer with Jenna Robinson

North Vancouver
Sat, October 28, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Sat, October 28, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Through discussion, demonstration, questioning and play, this session will explore how to use composition to create powerful experiences for your viewer.

Composition is the placement of objects within a painting. The position of an object in a painting reveals its relationship to the other objects in that painting and/or the viewer. For example, if the artist decides to fill the painting with a large mountain, minimizing the sky, the viewer would experience the grandeur and massiveness of the mountain. On the other hand, if the artist decides to portray that same mountain with a spacious sky overhead the viewer may experience a sense of openness and space.

The composition of each painting changes the experience of the viewer as well as the dominant message or mood.

Space is limited and registration is required.
Please visit Opus North Vancouver or contact them at 604‑904‑0447 to register.

Jenna discovered painting when she was 15 and is self-taught. Realism is her style of choice and she is inspired by the effect of light on landscapes and how it creates a sense of intensity through high contrast and colour distortion. Jenna’s medium of choice is acrylic on canvas and she primarily paints landscapes with which she has a personal connection. Jenna exhibits her work in Squamish and Vancouver, and is a local to the area.

Her work can be viewed online at www.jennadrobinson.com

Create Powerful Experiences for Your Viewer