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The ‘Passion’ in Make Art Happen with Naomi Topuzoglu

Granville Island
Wed, May 17, 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Drop by anytime on May 17 to observe Naomi paint live with acrylic paints at Opus Granville Island!

Naomi will be demonstrating and discussing a variety of techniques, styles, and colours to intermix abstraction with realism using acrylic paints. She will also be demonstrating how versatile different acrylic products are, and different ways they can be used for many different possibilities and outcomes.

Over the years, Naomi has been opening up the creative floodgates in everyone from youth to seniors, and helping them to find the passion and excitement for making art. Whether you create on a daily basis or not, Naomi is sure to get your creative juices flowing–she will be your “Art Doctor” so you can “Make Art Happen”!

From the time she was a young girl, Naomi Topuzoglu has been noticed for her insatiable drive to create art. She is a versatile artist – painter, sculptor, photographer and graphic designer. Born in Toronto, Ontario, to traditional Greek parents, Topuzoglu’s creativity bloomed at an early age. Energetic and brightly coloured forms, and designs are the work of this artist, who is known for her limitless searches for new ways to reinvent herself. Her goal is to being able to push boundaries and to learn something new, to continue to reinvent yourself is so exciting, especially when it is reflected in your artwork.

Never be afraid to create something new!

The ‘Passion’ in Make Art Happen
The ‘Passion’ in Make Art Happen
The ‘Passion’ in Make Art Happen
The ‘Passion’ in Make Art Happen