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An Introduction to Custom DIY Framing at Opus

Pierre from Opus Granville Island gives us a in depth walkthrough on how to Do It Yourself when using our Custom DIY Framing Service.

Step 1: Select the style of moulding you desire and any additional elements, such a what type of mat, glass, backing, and hanging hardware you may need.

Step 2: Measure the dimension of your piece and mat board. Record your desired dimensions for your custom DIY frame/mat order and place it with a Opus Staff member.

Step 3:
- Once your frame and mat board arrives, clean your glass and gently place it into the frame.

- Position the mat board on top of your print to highlight your picture.

- Secure the top with linen tape, leaving the sides and bottom loose as to prevent your picture from buckling.

- Place the picture along with the mat board into your frame. Put a piece of archival paper on top of your print before placing your backing in. This will give that extra protection between print and backing.

- Secure backing with either a point driver or staple gun.

- Screw the D-rings on the back of your frame. Tightly tie the hanging wire to each D-ring.

- Hang it!

Materials and Tools in shown in this video:
- Frame
- Mat board
- Glass
- Corrugate Backing
- 2x D-Rings
- 2x Screws
- Hanging Wire
- Linen Tape
- Ruler
- Screwdriver
- Glass cleaner
- Point Driver/ Staple Gun
- Gloves


How long do you typically have to wait between placing your order and the order arriving ?

3-4 business days

Is it much more complicated a process if I wanted to frame a canvas (bulkier than just framing a flat piece of paper)?

Hi Shirley. Since canvas doesn't need glass or a mat, it's simpler. You can choose from front-loading (float) frames or back-loading frames.


Is there any size and pricing guide? Looking for a frame that is about 22" x 36" with a glass cover, preferably black matt frame. Also, do you do custom size frames or do we have to choose from one of your existing frames?


Sorry, in my previous comment I meant 24" x 36". I'd also be interested in a 30" x 40"

Thank you for your questions.

We have a custom do-it-yourself (DIY) framing service where you can order custom sizes in the moulding of your choice. There is no pricing guide available online due to the large number of choices for mouldings, glass, backings, and mats available, but our staff can assist. Visit one of our stores or call the Opus Mail Order Department (1-800-663-6953 ext. 1) for more information. We also have an introduction to our DIY custom framing service video that outlines the basics of this service.

In a ready-made frame, we carry Urban Poster Frames in a 24″ × 36″ size. They are black (but not matte) and come with Plexiglass. Glass for larger frames is not recommended (depending on the moulding) due to the weight of the glass. 30″ × 40″ is not available in any of the ready-made frame options we have. You can have a look at the framing section of our online store for any smaller sizes you may need.

If you decide to place an order online or by phone, there are some restrictions you may wish to be aware of – outlined on the Shipping Exceptions and Frames with Glass pages on our website.

All the best!

Can I order 4 foot sections of my desired frame profile? I have all the tools, just not the mouldings...

I have not been able to get the video by Pierre. Has anyone any ideas of how to find it ?

The sales team in our mail order department can help you with that. Please give them a call at 1‑800‑663‑6953 ext. 1 (Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Closed this holiday Monday, October 8, 2012) or email them at sales@opusartsupplies.com

Good luck with your framing project!

Hello Robert,

I’m sorry the video didn’t work for you. If you could provide some information, it will greatly help us to figure out the problem.

Please email info@opusartsupplies.com at your convenience and let us know what you see on your screen when you try to play the video (warnings or error messages for example), or if instead it is the video that doesn’t load, or does load but won’t play. Also knowing what web browser you are using and operating system may help as well.

In the mean time here is a link to Pierre’s video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGh10msevVg .
You can see all our videos there on the Opus Art Supplies channel.

All the best

Your video on "Custom DIY framing service" is not working

Hello Kathy,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are not seeing the same issue on our end, the video plays on all the computers we've tried here. Would you please send us a bit more information? Details about what you are seeing on your screen (error messages, for example), and what browser and OS (operating system) you are using when you try to view the video, it would greatly help us in trying to fix the problem. Please email info@opusartsupplies.com at your convenience with the information.

You can also see all our videos on the Opus Art Supplies YouTube Channel. Here is a direct link to the Opus Custom DIY Framing Service video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGh10msevVg.

All the best!

I live in northern BC and do quite a bit of framing myself. I am wondering if you could give me advice on how to avoid specs on glass. On a dark mat it is very difficult, the specs seem to become static.

Hello Gill,
You may be getting specks on your glass from a number of factors, but here are some basics. If you are using wood frames make sure you seal the rabbet of the frame (the indent you put the glass, artwork and backing into) with acid-free tape too keep the wood dust down. Make sure you clean everything before assembly. When cleaning be sure to use a lint-free cloth or wipes (not paper towel) like the Wypall L30 EconoMizer Wipes along with a static-free glass cleaner like Tru-Vue Premium Glass Cleaner that helps reduce the glass attracting dust or lint.

Something else you can do when putting everything together is to stand the frame with the glass up vertically, give the glass a final wipe to remove any lint or dust that may have landed, and then keeping it vertical insert your mat, artwork and backing. I hope this helps.

All the best.

I would like to frame a mosaic piece that is mounted on a piece of mirror. It is something I am making so for a metal frame do I need to leave a space around the edge of the mirror to set it into a frame that is not covered in tiles?

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