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Fertile Images + Design

"Use whatever tools are available. We combine film photography with digital photography, painting and design - these all help us make our images." - Zak Sarwari

Zak Sarwari and Lysa Bromaroff have joined together in life, art, and business through their love of photography to form Fertile Images + Design.

Their partnership explores the merging of analog photos with digital printing and art materials – from postcards and hand-coloured prints to facemounted prints and large scale canvases – and the possibilities this holds for image makers.

Watch Fertile Images + Design to discover how Zak and Lysa approach their photographic practices and explore the many ways photographs can be reproduced and artfully transformed.


Beautiful! Great prices of art!

The passion of what you love and the belief of who you are = magic

Wonderful video and beautiful work.

Hello Zak and Lysa,

Good to see you in this movie!
Would be nice to catch up.
When i have time again i will drop by,


Zak and Lysa
Your Vancouver images continue to shine in our building's common areas.
May you have good fortune in your new working space.

You inspire me! Lovely works...

there is nothing as satisfying as working at what you love,wishing you every success in the future