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Inspired by Paper

Paper is amazing. Ever since its invention around 105 AD in China, it has found more and diverse ways to be used. Have a look at pop-up books, origami, and papier maché. Who ever thought something so flat could be so dimensional? But because it is so thin and flat, it is easier to transport and store than stretched canvas, or wood panels. Roll it in a tube, stick it flat in a portfolio, or get some magnets and keep it on your fridge. Paper has developed tremendously since its early days; lets have a look at a selection of some inspiring papers available to today’s artists....Read more

Oil Painting Techniques: Glaze & Cold Wax Medium

Pierre Giroux from Opus Granville Island continues to perfect the painting he began in his previous video, Introduction to Oil Painting. In this informative How-To video, Pierre demonstrates how you can enhance your underpainting using glazes and cold wax medium techniques, adding texture and visual depth.

Watch the video to see Pierre’s process and the final results!...Read more

Framing Art on Canvas

Framing plays a key role in the presentation of an image. The right frame complements your image by creating a beautiful and effective display. A well chosen frame will draw the viewer's eye into the composition in ways that can be seen as dramatic or subtle. It makes all the difference.

...Read more

Making (New Years) Resolutions Work

February is notorious for “resolution failure,” just ask any gym, weight-loss program, or smoking cessation program staff. That makes this the perfect time to consider how to make your resolutions successful.

If you are a regular reader of this column, you may recall that I recently wrote that I assign the making of a pledge in my professional practice course at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. A pledge is a resolution, and I am revisiting that topic for several reasons:...Read more

  1. Many of my students develop, as their final assignment, a proposal for an exhibition that includes their own work plus the work of at least two other artists. In December, two former students who pledged to make their proposal become a reality wrote to say they had succeeded.

Fearless Nature with Marilyn Hunt

BC artist Marilyn Hunt's creative expression focuses on the small, often unnoticed details of nature. She actively seeks the beauty in the everyday and her interest lies in visually sharing this with her viewers to facilitate an engagement with the organic world.

Marilyn primarily creates Mixed Media paintings using acrylics, oils, wax, and graphite. Her quest in exploring new products is to create bold textured surfaces that best represent the message from nature she wishes to convey.

Watch Marilyn as she express her Fearless Nature in the video above and read the full exclusive article below....Read more

The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival presents Plein-Air Blossom Painting

Alfonso Tejada, Plein Air Master, at the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Those who have experienced springtime in Vancouver are familiar with one of the city’s most distinctive, yet fleeting, delights: over 40,000 blossoming cherry trees, displaying every shade of pink to nearly-white.

For those who find themselves in awe of the cherry blossom’s ephemeral beauty, the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival’s Plein-Air classes are the perfect opportunity to capture your inspiration. Classes are held each Saturday in April from 11am-2pm at VanDusen Botanical Garden, which has several spectacular cherry tree locations....Read more

How To: Introduction to Oil Painting

Pierre Giroux from Opus Granville Island demonstrates how you can use your oil paints to produce stunning results with depth and clarity. He shares his approach, techniques, and preferred materials in this informative Opus How-To Video.

Watch the video to see Pierre’s process and the final results!...Read more

Animated Imagination with Jeff Chiba Stearns

Jeff Chiba Stearns is a Vancouver based, multi award-winning animation and documentary filmmaker. His love of pen, paper, and story is the driving force behind his creative pursuits as he continually strives to inspire others to create. Known for his award-winning animated short Yellow Sticky Notes, Jeff pushed his creative boundaries as an animator when he took upon the task of animating the whole film on Post-It notes. ...Read more

Some Winter Observations

In December, this column discussed the importance of narrative to customers when they buy art. Thank you to everyone who wrote to me about that article, and because so many of you wrote in agreement, I would like to provide you with another take on the subject.

I have mentioned before that one assignment that I give to my students of professional development at Emily Carr University is to define “the function of display.” Most students miss the mark with their submissions. Instead of defining the “function” of display, they tend to describe the objects they have on display, but in doing so they tend to reference many strong emotions to the objects they display in their narratives....Read more


Pledge. It’s an old word it seems, one you rarely hear anymore. The word has diverse applications but most of us understand it to mean a promise to do, or not to do, something. Simple pledges between friends function as informal oral contracts. In the loan, mortgage, bail and pawn industries, written commitments guaranteeing repayment are formal legal pledges of repayment and security. But perhaps the most pervasive use of a pledge in our society is the oral vow made at weddings....Read more