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New Year's Potpourri

There’s an interesting new tool for artists on Wikipedia called DIY Budget Gallery. Select “Index” in the Navigation menu to get an overview of the site’s resources. This site has been developed in an American context but there is plenty of practical information that may be useful to anyone planning a visual art event. wiki.budgetgallery.org

As a technical writer, this happened to me many times: An employer would welcome me, describe the challenge, contract me, and then walk me down the hall to meet “the people I’d be working with.” They would look stunned and then, after the boss left, the “people I’d be working with” would say, “What was he thinking? We’re not ready for you!”

These experiences were mild, to say the least, compared to the clients whose obnoxious conversations with artists/designers are inventoried on the website, Clients From Hell. It’s a fun read for those of us who have ever had to deal with awkward clients. clientsfromhell.net

I got an email from Natalie Toppin: “Whatever happened to MyArtSpace.com?” The owners of MyArtSpace (MAS) could have kept their homepage up and explained their decision to shut down their site, but they didn’t, so I had to do some research and found out the following from former staffer Brian Sherwin.

Brian outlines how the owners of MAS removed the work of every artist who had built a presence on the site with no warning to the membership. Technically, service sites like MAS are not obligated to offer a warning, as stated their Terms of Service Agreement. “Fair enough. That said, the decision to close abruptly has angered more than a few artists and fans of the of the Myartspace community...”.

As Sherwin says; “The lesson is a cruelly simple one – if you are going to market your art online, make sure to keep physical records of your art contacts and images.”
Please Note: MAS is not the well-respected and stable local site, myartclub.com, which provides visual artists with services similar to MAS.

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