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Community News

Opus Outdoor Painting Challenge 2015

THANK YOU to the 949 artists of all ages who challenged themselves to capture the beauty of nature, urban life, and their imaginations in our 4th Annual Opus Outdoor Painting Challenge, held at all six Opus locations across BC on Sunday, May 10th, 2015....Read more

Opus Ready-made Frames

Discover your new favourite frame today!

Trevor Code from Opus Granville Island sets the framework for the features and assembly of many of our popular ready-made frames in these quick and simple videos.

Opus Metal Exhibition Frame see video above

...Read more

The Making of an Escoda Versatil Brush

Watch a true Master in action!

Ricard Escoda, Senior from Escoda Artist Brushes paid a visit to Opus to demonstrate the Versatil, a beautiful brush line that rivals the performance of Kolinsky sable.

These professional synthetic watercolour brushes are handmade, and Ricard, a master brush maker, had all the tools used to craft them on hand. He had everyone entranced as he assembled a round Versatil –  so much so that we had to film it!

Watch Mr. Escoda as he elegantly blends modern technology with time-honoured techniques to create a Versatil brush before your eyes....Read more

Documenting your Artwork with a Digital Camera

Documenting your artwork with a digital camera allows you to keep a record of your completed and sold artwork. Whether you gift the artwork to someone or you sell it, you want to make sure that it’s a part of your legacy as an artist.

You can also use the digital image for marketing purposes on your website, blog, online portfolio and print portfolio. Having a digital copy of the artwork is also important because you can utilize the digital file as a tool to produce additional income in the form of digital prints. ...Read more

Opus Outdoor Painting Challenge 2015

May 11, 2015: Wow... what a day! Hundreds of participants and prizes PLUS creativity that showed no bounds. LOVE THIS DAY!

We'll be posting all the judges selections and photo galleries for each location on Facebook later this month. Can't hardly wait to share all the wonderful artwork that we saw today. (And, if you can't wait, search #OPC2015 on Twitter and Instagram for highlights from the day!)

Thank you to everyone who was a part of ‪this year's challenge! You exemplify the spirit of this event and we are honoured that you chose to spend the day with us creating in the great outdoors. ...Read more

Pre-Order NOW to Beat the Back To School Rush!

Plan ahead for an artful 2015/2016 school year - place a pre-order for your classroom for fall session delivery. Orders over $200, receive FREE shipping, too!*

...Read more

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...Read more