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Community News

Dream Studio

Pierre Coupey in his Studio

Opus visited painter Pierre Coupey in his West Vancouver studio to uncover the key elements of a workspace that supports the creative process.

Pierre Coupey’s studio is as warm and inviting at the artist himself. There is an order and a serenity that equally calms the creative brain and excites it, making you want to pick up your chosen media and get to work. We spoke with Pierre about the beautiful space he has created in his home and how working there affects his practice....Read more

National Portfolio Day

Prints by G. Brown in an Itoya Art Profolio Evolution presentation book.

A portfolio is not only used in the pursuit of work when you complete your schooling but also essential in gaining entry into the art program of your choice. National Portfolio Day (NPD) gathers representatives from more than 25 North American art and design institutions to discuss your educational and professional goals and critique your portfolio for potential admission to your chosen art or design school....Read more

The Handmade Revolution

Heyday Designs – Dominion Wide Mouth Jar

It is time once again to get your craft show party hats on! That’s right, Make It! The Handmade Revolution is back for our first ever four day show. From November 24–27 you will find over 115 artisans and designers from all over Canada at the Croatian Cultural Centre in Vancouver....Read more

Guild Scholarships

Wai Yuan Nei Fang (Life Motto), by Rosarena Wong

Each year, Vancouver secondary graduates are selected to receive a Vancouver Art Guild and Opus Scholarship Award. Students are chosen for their artistic excellence and acceptance into post secondary Fine Art Studies....Read more

Anonymous Art Show

Anonymous Art Show

Artists and art admirers alike will love the Anonymous Art Show. Proudly hosted by the North Vancouver Community Arts Council, the 2011 show marks this successful group exhibition and fundraising event’s 7th year....Read more

The Nostalgia of Printed Film: 12x12 Vancouver Photo Marathon

Carol's film cameras, including her Yellow Peace Wide Lens Camera.

I either have an adventurous spirit, or maybe I just think that sometimes it’s better not to know what I’m getting into. I can’t remember why my husband and I signed up – neither one of us had really shot with film much – but in 2009, we both registered for the 12x12 Vancouver Photo Marathon....Read more

Youth Stamp Artist Profile

Going Deeper, Bethany Harris • Wildlife Habitat Canada’s 2011 Youth Stamp

My art teacher, when I was in Junior High, used to say that taking the wrapper off a new canvas was like opening a box of chocolates. It’s exciting, choosing what to paint. Taking the concepts in your head and realizing them on board, canvas, watercolour or sketching paper. Then sharing it with others. That’s what makes art so compelling for me....Read more

The Artist Series: In Support of the Arts

Clou Studio art at Lulu Lemon Lab

In light of recent arts cuts, we have asked for “more support for the arts.” I would suggest that recent cuts, though directly having serious implications on art production, artist livelihood and arts exposure through centers that rely on funding, have positively linked business and the arts creating some long-overdue exposure and hype for some of Vancouver’s finest talent....Read more

Emily Carr Continuing Studies: New Advanced Study Certificates

Photo by Jeff Vinnick

Are you looking for a serious and respected program of study in painting, drawing or illustration, but not interested in a full-time four-year degree? Do you enjoy taking courses and workshops, and wish you could find a flexible but challenging program with a longer timeline, devoted to developing a particular part of your creative practice? Emily Carr Continuing Studies is pleased to announce the launch of three exciting new Advanced Study Certificate programs – in Drawing, Painting and Illustration – in September 2011....Read more

Lake Country Art Gallery Exhibition: Starting Point

Former Opus employees Shauna Oddleifson and Wanda Lock, along with Jim Kalnin, have been busy putting together an exhibition at the Lake Country Art Gallery, the most recent public art gallery in the Okanagan. Starting Point is an exhibition to recognise and acknowledge art teacher Rick Davidson....Read more