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Community News

Donations Drive 2012

The holiday season is upon us! As we have been doing for the past 12 years, we are again happy to be raising funds for local community groups. Each Opus location is conducting a fund raising drive for a local organization. Opus will match all donations in gift cards of equal value to the funds raised to assist each group’s programs. We would love for you to continue your generous support this year by making a donation to our 13th Annual Christmas Donation Drive the next time you visit us....Read more

Dream Studio with Alan Wylie

Alan Wylie (CSPWC, AWS DF, SFCA, NWWS, CIPA, CWA, LWS) has had a long journey in his painting career to obtain the status and studio he has now. From painting in an old chicken coup, to a garage in the middle of winter with socks on his hands, to working in dark basements and kitchen tables; Alan has weathered it all in his quest to obtain a fulfilling career in painting.

After working in these challenging spaces, Alan was finally able to build his dream studio at his current home in historic Fort Langley. Watch Dream Studio for an exclusive look inside his work space as he shares his story and insights into his practice. ...Read more

Four Vancouver Secondary School Students Receive Scholarships from the Vancouver Art Guild and Opus Arts Supplies

Anita Ho - Prince of Wales Secondary

Four graduating students, Anita Ho, Yasuko Minami, Jodie Ng and Sarah Sun, chosen for their artistic excellence and acceptance into post secondary Fine Art Studies, are the recipients of these Scholarships Awards. Three of these Awards were jointly sponsored by the Vancouver Art Guild and Opus Arts Supplies; the 4th, in memory of Michael Saya-Moore, long time Guild member, was awarded through a Trust Fund established with the Guild in 2007 by Michael's family and friends. Guild members are grateful to Opus for their partnership in this endeavour to support aspiring young student artists....Read more

Sharing Studios

Vancouver illustrator Leah Schell and graphic designer husband Steve Monteith of Abundant Sink Creative not only share their lives together but their studio space as well. Watch Sharing Studios and see how they find inspiration within one another’s work, then read more about Leah’s illustration practice in the article The Wonderful World of Illustration below....Read more

How Do You Figure Out What to Sell?

When you are a super creative person, there is a whole lot of stuff you can make. If you are a painter, you can create an original piece worth thousands and still have your art featured on bookmarks and greeting cards that only cost a few dollars. Perhaps you are a ceramic artist commissioned to do custom work but also sell buttons at 2 for $10. Is it a good idea to have such a broad range of price points? Well, that all depends....Read more

Sketching Life with Jack Turpin

Throughout his career as a high school art teacher and into the present, the most significant impact on Jack Turpin’s painting is his dedication to artistic journaling. For Jack this is where ideas, words, and images come together; where connections are made and where life’s little details are revealed....Read more

Pixels to Paint

Vancouver artist Ellen Scobie creates incredibly detailed digital prints from her photographs.

Ellen’s background in stone lithography printmaking, where she layers textures and colours to beautiful effect, led her to begin working in a similar manner with her digital photographs. The resulting works can be comprised of over 75 layers, each with data pulled from her photos....Read more

Why We Create

Why do you choose to create?
How does the creative process affect you?
What makes a creative individual?

We posed these questions to artists visiting Opus recently. What they shared was a depth of passion for the creative process – personal responses that mirrored why so many of us choose to express ourselves through visual art.

Sometimes we all need that little reminder of why we do what we do, and hopefully this video will help to inspire and honour the creative individual in you!...Read more

The Altered Editions of Rachael Ashe

Rachael Ashe is a Vancouver artist whose specialities include photography, collage, and a very unique approach to the art of book alteration. Drawing inspiration from the vast variety and influence that our cities nature provides us, Rachael strives to incorporate bits of nature into all of her artwork. We sat down with Rachael as she shared exactly why she alters books, how she approaches them, and what drives her unquenchable desire to create.

Interested in some of the tools seen in this video?
Lineco Bone Scorer
Precision Knife...Read more

Opus Outdoor Painting Challenge 2012

A huge THANK YOU to the 335 artists who participated in our first ever Opus Outdoor Painting Challenge, held at Opus locations across BC on Saturday, April 21, 2012.

Our video was filmed on location at and around the Granville Island, Vancouver location of Opus Art Supplies. It represents what we’ve heard from artists that participated in this challenge as well as what Opus staff from all our locations have relayed to us was their experience of the day. We hope you enjoy this little taste of this wonderful event!

For more plein air inspiration, watch some of our other outdoor themed videos.
Painting En Plein Air with Maria Josenhans
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Murray Phillips: A Conversation with my Canvas
Working with Watermedia Outdoors
Painting with Golden OPEN Acrylics
Drawing from Inspiration...Read more